Outfit Of The Day (And Dream Our Dreams Of Dazzling Blue)

Oh, I am currently wearing my yellow Manolo Blahniks a lot more than any little human should be allowed to wear yellow pumps.
They are crazy comfy and (in my head) match everything.  Even my pajamas!  And my non-pajamas too, so spectacularly handy they are:
Hm. Missing something here.  A normal pose?  Is there such a thing when you’re taking weird pictures of yourself to post all over the internet BUT NO THEY ARE NOT THOSE KIND OF PICS, GRAMMA?

Oh there we go–some wrist candy.
Belt: Urban Outfitters Cooperative Leather Wrap Belt (buy it here) (similar style here, 40% off)
Watch: Michael Michael Kors Runway Rosegold Large Watch (buy it here) (a fun rose gold option here for $105!)
Bracelet: American Eagle Outfitters (buy it here)
Ring: Old Banana Republic red ring (similar style here by Kate Spade) (and love this by House of Harlow!)
Bag: Fendi B Bag (similar style here) (and here at Topshop) (and a few to choose from on ebay!)
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik Uliepe Yellow Pumps (buy them here) (similar style here at Go Jane) (and here) (and here) (and here at Urban Outfitters)
Lipcolor: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Misia (buy it here + get free shipping on all orders with code “MAYSHIP”)

(currently playing in the hizzouse)

We all do itwear certain things in our closet way more than other things; be it handbags, jewelry, shoes, belts, or even a pretty piece of clothing.  What’s one thing in your closet that you’re currently “over-wearing”? Share in the comments!

  • Lirinka

    What a great post! I just came across your blog and I fell in love with it! It's spectacular! I love your style! Check out my blog and follow if you like it, I promise to do the same!
    See you soon, kisses!

  • alittlepetite

    Those yellow heels make this outfit so fun! I would have never thought to pair them in an outfit like this but I really love the way it looks on you! Thanks for posting!

  • Kate Jackson

    Oh how I love those yellow shoes. I seriously think about them at random times during the day. Gorgeous!
    I'm overwearing a long, gold, leaf necklace my husband bought me at a local boutique. That, and anything without sleeves since I live in Texas and it's already hit 100. Yuck!

  • Bre

    That's a great outfit!

    I would say that the thing I've been over-wearing is a large purse I got that is gray and white print with yellow leather straps and ties. It's too cute and I'm convincing myself there isn't a single thing in my closet it doesn't go with!

  • Jackie

    Chloe, I had that watch last summer and returned it to Nordie's because the finish started to come off!! and the dress — I love it. I've tried a few F21 dresses lately and they seem really short and I'm only 5'1" …. it seems a nice length on you !

  • Angie

    you're so cute as a button! i love the bright yellow shoes to brighten up your outfit too. i'm so glad i stumbled across your site today! i was just being dismayed at the state of working my butt off blogging for 2 years and still being stuck in a rut of no-one-cares. i like blogging so much but sometimes i wish the reward were more than just a sense of how much i can blab on the computer. everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame, right? you break the mold and you say whatever you want without censoring yourself. i love it and it's so un-fake and admirable. you also have a killer style!

    : ) just happy to have some proper real girl inspiration. apologies for the gushing. lupus sucks – kick its ass.

  • Fierce Fabulous Fit

    I love every detail of this!!! The shoes, dress and that belt is haute!! Perfect, girl!


  • Canadianpetite

    You are adorable, funny and so stylish! I want to raid your purse closet and shoe closet and belt closet and …

  • Amanda

    ooooh love your belt! you are so cute, as always!
    I am wearing a statement necklace waaaay too much (think I've worn it the past 3 days) because it matches everything! I can't even help it!

  • s.singh

    I wouldn't be able to pull of the yellows, it looks great on you! gorgeous outfit!

  • Marie-Eve

    I want those shoes so bad !!! Yellow should be a neutral !!!!!

    I'm wearing the hell out of my grey mulberry daria satchel. And I actually got that same watch for my bday and never leave the house without it. I love rose Gold mixed with silver.

  • amy kelinda

    I think those shoes go with everything, so I'd say your head is right. Nothing like an awesome pop of yellow on the feet! And seriously, comfortable heels? I'd never take them off, either! I love how the belt, bracelet, and THAT WATCH!!! really kick up an otherwise simple dress. This is like the perfect mix of high-end and low(er?) end! Love love love!

    PS. Your hair looks amazing.

  • Jay

    gorgeous outfit!

  • Vanessa

    You look so good.. Kisses froms Spain.

  • Elissa

    do a hair tutorial preaseeeee?

    i overwear shoes all the time. i finally break a pair in and they become my go to shoes because i dread wearing the uncomfortable un-broken-in ones – blister city.

  • Britt+Whit

    love your hair and your belt in this outft! soo cute

    love from San Francisco,

  • Tangles

    Love your OOTD and your hair! Your dress is super cute – love the pockets!

    The one thing I "over wear" in my closet is…my red ballet flats. They are so comfy and go with so many things! :)

  • Lindsey A. Turner

    Love this outfit! The shoes, the belt, your gorgeous hair and makeup- amazing! Just found your blog and I will definitely be back! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Lindsey Turner

  • Lindsey

    Loving you in this outfit!
    I've seen you wear this belt a few times and love it! I finally went to pull the trigger and purchase it online this morning and it is no longer there. :( Now that I "can't" have it, I need it. :) HELP!

  • modniza

    wow , darling , j'adore your stle! lovely dress and shoes! xoxooo

  • Natalie | The Bobby Pin

    Currently overwearing pencil skirts. I can't get enough of them. I'm hoping they are timeless because I am amassing quite a collection.

  • Michelle

    You tempted me with the J. Crew Herringbone dress (which I bought and love), and now you are tempting me with this one!

    I am over-wearing a necklace. It is a convertible necklace by Judith Jack…but I am constantly wearing it long. I am trying to limit myself to no more than twice a week of work-wear.

  • Lindsay

    Love those shoes! They're fabulous! And yes, they CAN go with everything. Because you said so. Haha

  • purses and puppies

    they do match. i just got yellow pumps and will wear them with everything… once my foot fracture heals and i can walk somewhat normally.

  • Veronika

    those shoes make me SO happy. Love the coral gloss on you too!

  • cheryl

    LOVE your watch. i have been trying to convince myself to purchase it, i'm still on the fence due to the fact i'm unsure how often i'd actually wear it.


  • RosaLovesDC

    Ah those yellow shoes are gorgeous! I would wear them with anything too!

  • PetiteLittleGirl

    You're adorable, Chloe. Love those yellow heels :)

  • Just Dandy

    Ughhhhh I love those yellow heels so much!!!!!!!
    You look so dang cute! Love the hair too, it looks like its in the shape of a bow! Love that!

  • Beautygirl24

    Oh I love this look so much! I know I always tell you that though because I WANT TO RAID YOUR CLOSET! I must see if I can find that dress at Forever 21. A nudie color dress is the perfect canvas for fun and bright accessories =)

    I'm currently over wearing: my BR skinnies (they practically are attached to my legs) and also my new H&M turquoise bib necklace. Oh my YSL arty's in lapis and turquoise too

  • Pretty in Pink

    You're taunting me with those yellow heels! GIMMMMEEEEEEE!

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