Outfit Of The Day (Happy Raptor Day!)

(ETA on 5-24-2011 @ 6:13 AM: Sorry about that, guys! Comments are fixed!)

I know I am a full two days late here, but I hope ya’ll had a happy Raptor Day.   Did you do anything fun?  If you follow me on Twitter, you likely already know that I was planning to honor this mighty dinosaur on Saturday in the only way I knew how, which is by getting really drunk and stumbling around in my super high and impossible-to-walk-in-without-limping-around-like-Bob-Barker-trying-to-walk-in-old-school-roller-skates 6″ Louboutins and all while flinging my arms AND roaring like a raptorbut I had to skip it this year. Too busy, bummer huh.
Also, I noticed that some people kept pronouncing “raptor” incorrectly on Saturday, they would pronounce it more like “rapt-shure”, but I’m living in Colorado (but originally from South Dakota) so I know a thing or two about mispronouncing words.  I still can’t figure out what a ky-yote is, Colorado, or why the numbers out here go  eleven, twelve, thirteen,  fourteener, fifteen.  No fifteeny?
And I definitely can’t figure out my inner struggle and turmoil over the fact that if I ever met Katy Perry in person I honestly don’t know if I’d scream my best banshee-scream and then accidentally head-butt her OR start breaking it down and dancing  (badly, as I always do when I have the rhythm flowing through me) to her music.   And I know this has nothing to do with Colorado or mispronouncing words or small-to-medium sized dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaurs with three-fingered hands that existed in the Cretaceous Period that everyone insisted on celebrating yesterday and yammering about on the news nonstop but whatever. it’s still a big problem here, ‘kay?  I honestly don’t know what I’d do!  What would you do?  Head-butt (accidentally, I said!) and dance? Oooh, good answer.
Enough of that, on to the outfit.  In a little bit of seriousness, I would like to first thank all of you that commented on  my last post or took the time to send an email to me about it–I’ve read them all (and am slowly working on answering them, yikes!) and they made me laugh, cry, and even sniffle a bit.  It wasn’t an easy topic to address and write about, especially since I am much more comfortable using sarcasm while I cheerfully lampoon myself here on a regular basis, butthank you. 
Here’s what I wore on Friday on a date night for dinner downtown and Billy Elliot at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House.  Denver released an official press statement last week that it was skipping summer this year and going straight to fall, hence the jeans and long-sleeve top. 
I grabbed the J Brand Kiki flares  during one of Neiman Marcus’ recent promotions and I’m so glad I did! This has been my first time branching out from the Lovestory fit with J Brand, but I think mama now has a new love. These have just the right flare-to-thigh-to-high-rise ratio (it is verrrry scientific) and enough stretch in them to make them extremely comfy.  The only drawback is the inseam, of course, so petites out there will definitely have to have them tailored.  
In fact, I chopped roughly 3-1/2 inches off of mine and I’m wearing them with 4-1/2 inch heels below, so that would make the original inseam on these puppies about oh, let’s see…48464afafaoj7649.23 inches long?
Or in other words: the inseam is just about right, World Of Denim, for allllllllll of those ladies out there with 48464afafaoj7649.23 inch inseams.  I know so many of them, those lucky, lucky bitches.
And last but not least, while I certainly haven’t given it much thought, I think that if I could name the outfit below I would give it the moniker, “The Open The Door Get On The Floor; This Old-And-Horribly-Out-Of-Touch-Rich-Divorcee-From-Miami-And-Or-Dallas-Circa-1979-That-Just-Quit-Smoking Wants To Do The Dinosaur”.  I  think that the outfits we wear can send a clear  and powerful message  to others about who we truly are, after all, which is why I choose to wear outfits that convey almost nothing that I am actually about.


And if anyone gets my song reference up above, then you win!  Nothing.  Except my  complete love and adoration forever (and ever and ever):

Top: Ann Taylor (similar style here) (and here) (love this in gray) (and puffy-sleeve love here)
Belt: J Crew (buy it here in “cinnamon spice”)
Jeans: J Brand Kiki Flares (buy them here) (similar style here at GAP)
Ring: Forever 21 Royalty Ring in Gold (buy it here)
Necklace: Forever 21 (buy it here) (another option here for $14) (and a gorgeous peacock feather splurge here)
Bag: Lanvin Sweet Dora Crossbody (buy it here)  (similar style here by Olivia Harris for Gryson) (and here + take 10% off with code “”) (and here here for under $40 + take 15% off with code “dlistedlove”)
Shoes: Christian Dior Lolita booties (buy them in black here) (similar style here)

  • Canadianpetite

    Taupes love you, don't they? This top and the F21 dress are made for you but then again I don't think you can look bad in anything. I remember that song – by Was, right? Dang – now it's gonna be in my head all night!!

  • Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)

    Chloe, I LOVE how you did your hair here, you must share!

    And wow those jeans look great on you even after all the hemming – in the past I had flare jeans hemmed and the flare was all gone by the time I was done with them LOL!

  • So-So Good

    Such a great combo! I love the top, the fit and color are perfect! You always look so amazing. ^_^

  • Taylor

    Flipping RIOT!!! Yes, yes you are!!! I love those jeans and the top!!! Need that cute top!!!!

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