Outfit Of The Day (Ochre-Poker)

(edited to add on 6-10-3011: if you like the shorts that I am wearing in the outfit below, they’ve since sold out at Lulus.com BUT you can find an identical pair here!)

The Great Remodeling Project of 2011 has picked up its pace once again. We are doing things!  And we’re getting things done!  Except it never actually really feels like it.
Case in point: Husband and I decided to spend one Saturday evening a few weekends ago perusing the  calm and copacetic aisles of The Great Indoors.  We are currently on the hunt for a bathroom vanity, you see–something for our main floor bathroom that is small, yet cool.  It has to be cool.  
 {but not this cool.}
It has to be something so cool that when people come over and say, “May I use your bathroom?” you say, “Yes, please do! Go! Go use it! IN FACT LET’S JUST GO AND HANG OUT IN THERE.” but since you are also a gracious and fabulous host that does everything exactly by the book, you add at the end, “….hang on a sec while I quickly whip up some sauvignon blanc and Totino’s Pizza Rolls and I’ll meet you right there. I call bathtub!”
Except finding this too-cool-bathroom-vanity has been a much harder mission to complete than we first thought.  Who knew?
There are just so many varieties to choose from in the world of bathroom vanities. Pedestals! Half moons! Tables! Columns!  Basins sinks! Bowl sinks! Trough sinks big enough to bathe in! It kind of makes me feel like a Candice Olson Zombie is eating my zombie-mushy-home-decor-ified brain as I endlessly search for something so inane (it is a bathroom sink for fuck’s sake) yet never quite finding exactly what I have pictured in my fluffy little head. Ugh.

Can’t I just build it myself out of LEGO’s?  Paper mache?  Does nothing that I learned in elementary school (manners, how to count, how to spell, how to hang upside down on the monkey bars, how to hit someone square in the head with a tetherball, how to build lopsided picture frames out of common household goods so that in case I am ever homeless and living in the woods and it’s raining I can use that dexterous skill to fashion a makeshift tent  and clothing for myself out of popsicle sticks and dried macaroni) (that was the point of that ugly little exercise, um right?) actually come in handy in real life?

Apparently not.  But I  won’t give up the good fight here guys, oh no, because once I find that bathroom vanity I have much bigger fish to fry. Like lights! And paint colors.  And more furniture.  And plotting to get on to House Hunters International just so I can shriek hysterically and ask if the wicker furniture comes with the home and Husband can fulfill his glum husbandly-duty-on-that-show by shrugging, sticking his hands in his pockets, and then slowly turning while quietly mumbling to a bare and empty wall, “Oh look…a floor. I was hoping this place would have one of those. And a ceiling. It’s….ah. A nice ceiling.”

(It really is weird that we haven’t gotten any further along in this, right? Now excuse me, I see a bright and shiny object….)

I do have a more solid direction to head in with the kitchen however, which does bring me a little bit of relief.  It is my favorite room in the house and also the one room in this house that I can close my eyes and truly see finished.  It’s a lovely room already (due to no work of our own), so it  thankfully doesn’t need much in the way of the really expensive updates.  Just some new tile, paint, accessories, and a little a lot of inspiration from this: 
{source: trad home by lonnymag.com}

And this is what we have so far (otherwise known as new paint on the walls), slooow clap:

{a whole lotta nothing…yet.}

Next up for the kitchen: black trim, new tile, new fancy kitchen table chandelier, new table, new chairs, new window coverings, and a fresh new big bottle of vodka to help deal with um celebrate it all.
On to my outfit. Notice anything? Prior to painting our kitchen it had never really occurred to me how much fashion and interior design go hand-in-hand. If I can wear the color in an outfit then I can hopefully style it in a room.  Duh.
While J Crew has had a few shortcomings as of late, their bronzey, avocado-ochre hues have undeniably been the most reached-for in my closet over the past six months.  It is such an unusual (and some might even say ‘ugly’, gasp!) color, but still so fun to wear and paint in the kitchen:
Watch: Michael Kors Large Runway Watch in Rosegold (buy it here)
Belt: Urban Outfitters  (similar style here at ASOS) (and here) (and here at F21) (and here, on sale!)
Bag: Fendi B Bag (similar style here) (and quite a few on Ebay)
Shoes: J Crew Perfectly Patent Pumps (similar style here) (and here as a kitten heel) (and here by Kate Spade)

What is your favorite color to wear?  Share in the comments!
  • cheekypinky

    It's a magnificent color on *you*,
    you of the tawny hair.

    I've been going nuts for peacock blue,
    butter yellow, and dove grey lately.

    They're just so…mellow…

  • Planet MarTay

    Love this! And thank you for posting less expensive options, too!

  • Meggy

    Oh house projects. I know how it goes. It's been 20 months of on and off again house projects, and if I didn't take before, in progress and after pictures to post to the blog, I would think we haven't done anything! It's good to review where you start sometimes and all you actually have done (or spent)!

    and my favorite all time color to wear is blue, but currently is every color of the rainbow! Sometimes all at once! oye!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  • Gabrielle

    That color looks amazing on you! I love wearing purple, maroon, and olive green.

  • Lexa ♥

    I love wearing that color (although I hardly have anything that color..) but for some reason I'm going through a red and nude phase these past few months.

    Anywho, I love you blog. It is such an inspiration! =]


  • Neris

    WOW! You look A M A Z I N G! Love the shorts!!! One of your best outfits so far :)

    Fashion Fractions

  • Mrs Spanglish

    I almost got those shorts a little while ago but I remembered reading (on twitter?) that they were not lined and kind of too revealing and I'm now kicking myself for not getting them.

    I smiled when I saw that your top matched your kitchen! It's not a color that would traditionally jump out at me (although neon yellow does jump out me a lot so maybe I'm the problem?) but I'm loving your outfit AND your kitchen wall!

    ps. personally I don't like pedestal sinks so I would go a different route. Refer to the neon yellow comment to see how great my decisions are.

  • Beautygirl24

    Ok, I'm dying over those shorts! How's the fit Chloe?

  • Daydreamer

    You are so adorabe…LOVE the nude kitten heels!
    I searched forever for a small-ish guest bath vanity…along with all the other components.
    And I practically SHOVE visitors into the bathroom now. The search is worth it. Good luck!

  • TheChambrayCountess

    Those shorts keep haunting me! I guess that means I need them ;) And I love your kitchen-inspiration picture! Can't wait to see how it turns out… (Furniture shopping has been quite the endeavor over here, too– who knew picking a decent coffee table would be so critical to the room and so hard to find?!!) Love reading your posts- good luck!

  • Chloe

    Thanks for all the sweet comments, guys! When I posted this there were a few sizes left in those shorts, so I'm sorry to see that they sold out! If they pop back up (or pop up somewhere else) I'll definitely let you guys know! <3

    purses and puppies – hahaha, it's my favorite color too. Husband had *serious* questions when I declared that I wanted to paint the kitchen that color, but we're both so happy (and excited!) with how it's looking so far! I'd like to think that it's not ugly, just a little bit unique, and absolutely nothing wrong with that. ;)

  • Veronika

    damn those shorts for being sold out!
    love this outfit on you and i also adore reading about your home makeover adventures! :)

  • Fierce Fabulous Fit

    Hmm… I have never really thought about how similar outfits and interior design go together, but I think you're right!!

    I'm absolutely in love with this outfit!! Can I have it, please?? hahahha!! ;) My favorite colors to wear are: black, white and brights like orange and red!!


  • Tara

    This outfit is darling!

  • RosaLovesDC

    Love that color!
    I think I am going through a pink period, I have gone a little crazy on the neon pink in my recent purchases.

  • purses and puppies

    what?!? that color is not ugly, its one of my favorites! (i hope it not ugly…)
    i think the kitchen looks great, and thats an amazing "inspiration" picture!

    Easy Petite Looks

  • Mrs. T

    I love that color! Those shorts are aweeeesome, too!
    I just found your blog. Have you gotten a lot that you look sort of like Kristen Bell?


  • lauraapriljayne

    loove this post:)
    you have such an inspirational blog:)


  • Natasha xoxo

    OMG! Those shorts are just adorable on you! I would've never considered purchasing them if I didn't see this post… too bad only a large is available at lulus! Hope you're enjoying your weekend. xo, tasha

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