Outfit Of The Friday Night (Call It What You Want)

Oh why hello there, blog. How do you do?

Every once in awhile it’s good (even important, I suppose) to take a step back from the fashion-blog-world to focus on some other things. Nice things, like friends.  Family.  Mile High Orange Crushes.  Eating a whole container of strawberries in one sitting.  The sizzling hot, clear blue skies of summer that gently fade into delightfully  pretty sunsets every night; lingering lazily across the horizon until the sun is swallowed up by the jagged, bumpy mountain peaks to the west.
And walks. And talks.  And laughing.  And crying.  And laughing, crying, laughing.
And snoozy naps caused by a somnolent afternoon sun:

Our two newest family members, Gazelle Bundchen and Richard Dere:
{martha-stewarting the shit out of my martha-stewarting here}

And riding with my top down, and my jewelry on, hey! I’m just gettin’ my hood on:

(or as I thought the lyrics were until  I googled it .02 seconds ago: riding with my top down, and my Journey on, hey! I’m just getting my hood…off) (because it’s hard getting a car hood off sometimes, DAD, HELLLLP.)

‘Cuz I’m just, I’m just doing my thing:
{you know, all out of focus per usual}

We went to a little show a few Friday nights ago called ‘Rock of Ages‘, which is the first time I have ever been thoroughly confused during a play.  I’m always up for a challenge when it comes to these things, I think–boys dancing around that want to do ballet?  No problem! Actors shrieking about depression and their dead son that they still think is alive? Okay! Teens documenting the highly-competitive and cutthroat world of cheer-leading? BRING IT ON (ha ha ha oh, um, next year). Shakespearean lingo delivered in a (bad) (fake) British accent? Hie thee hence, motherfuckers!
But Rock of Ages had me baffled. Baaaaffled. It was like they were speaking an entire different language, these singers and dancers oddly acting out a barrage of hair-metal songs from the 80’s on stage, a language that I was a little too young to remember the first time around and a little too embarrassed to embrace the second.  It was just so cheesy to me back when I was in high school in the mid-to-late 90’s, this heavy metal glam-rock music, and besides–I had better things to listen to back then, more sophisticated things like grown men dressed in latex suits with painted on mustaches.
“I can’t fight this feeling anymore,” I thought to myself as I sat amongst the crowd at the Buell Theater, thoroughly lost to the plot as everyone else was shrieking and clapping and having a great time, “Every rose has its thorn, I suppose, but gahh! Seriously. This is like bad medicine.”
And so we decided that we weren’t going to take it, oh no, and we quietly left during the intermission to go stumble around and people-watch on the 16th Street Mall instead.
Ah, just like paradise.  And nothing but a good time.  (Thank you! Thank you! I’ll be here all night!)
Here’s what  I wore:
Dress: Plenty by Tracy Reese (buy it here) similar style here) (and here)
Belt: J Crew (buy it here) (similar style here + take $25 off of $75 with code “SUMMERMADNESS”)
Watch: Michael Michael Kors Rosegold Large Runway Men’s Watch (buy it here + take 10% off with code “TULIP”) (similar style here for $115)
Bracelet: Gorjana Graham Studded Wrap Bracelet (buy it here) (similar style here at GAP)
Ring: Kenneth Jay Lane (buy it here)
Bag: Chloe Paraty in Rosewood (similar style here) (and here) (and here) (and here for under $100)
 (Currently Playing in the Hizzouse)
  • Kimberly

    I love that blue dress – the colors & print are amazing!!

  • Kate Turner

    I saw Rock of Ages in NYC and WHATEVER, I LOVED IT! I don't know what you are talking about, lady! Love the blog!

  • LV

    I love that dress! The yellow shoes look amazing with this dress!


  • Natalie | The Bobby Pin

    You rock those yellow shoes so well! I would have never thought yellow could be such a versatile color, but after seeing all the amazing things you pair the shoes with, I am convinced.

  • AubreyOhDang!

    loving your hair color and the side braid.

  • Daydreamer

    love the dress and shoes, and bag of course…but Gazelle Bundchen and Richard Dere?? Priceless!
    And I suffered thru Rock of Ages. I kept thinking I should try to not be so uptight but it was seriously embarrassing to watch an entire theater full of middle agers jumping, swaying, head banging, air guitaring, waving around faux 'lighters' in the air. ughhh. I can't believe I belong to this age group.

  • JustPatience

    Love the deer head! I have the baby deer one from Z gallery.


  • B.Inspired

    LOVE your outfit…I thought the dress was Missoni! You look amazing as always!


  • Beautygirl24

    I've wondered where you have been! But there's nothing wrong with taking a fashion blogging break! We all need to once in awhile. Otherwise, I think people lose inspiration.

    I just love the dress Chloe! It's perfect for Summer. Love the heels with it too.

  • Michelle

    Ummmm. Your outfit is super cute and I am so happy you're back to blogging, however, I must admit the picture of your pup yawning (?) is what I keep scrolling up to see. Painfully adorable. ♥

  • Lesli

    You and your shoes are too cute. Sorry the show was a bust!

  • Coley

    Cuuuuuuuute! That dress looks faboosh on you.

  • Amber

    omg you look amazing!! Love it!!

  • Sandra

    Love the dress! Did you get a Petite or Small in it?

  • Lilly’s Style

    Love the dress. You look stunning! And your hair always looks fab.

  • Neris

    You look so gorgeous! I'm in love with your dress!


    Fashion Fractions

  • A Fine Balance

    your outfit for rock of ages is amazing

    glad you left at intermission :) I am all about trying new things, but if you're not feeling it, time to depart :P

  • PetiteAsianGirl

    With your OOTDs or OOTFNs my eyes are always scanning from top to bottom to digest every detail. Love this from the dress to the shoes to the casual-chic low side braid. Did you pick up the blazer during a vacation, or is there H&M there now?

  • RosaLovesDC

    The dress and shoes are fabulous! I have to say that I totally dig the new members of your family.

  • Tara

    I love everything about this…the dress is gorgeous and so flattering on you! Love the yellow pumps. Your hair is looking wonderful as well!

  • Stacey

    You look fabulous in that dress! Love those yellow shoes too :)



  • Kim

    Your hair has gotten so blonde! I love it!!
    Rock of Ages sounds right up my 80's hair loving band alley, but I've got a couple years on ya!

  • Anna Jane

    i would have NO idea that Rock of Ages was like that..no way!

    More importantly, LOVE your outfit. Those yellow shoes are the perfect accent!

  • Lissy

    The Tracy Reese dress looks darling on you! And by the way I'm ashamed to admit but I too recently saw Rock of Ages….stayed for the whole thing and loved every minute of it. But I'm old enough to remember the 80s (and its music) fondly :)

  • Ari

    Love the dress! So perfect. And Peets looks super cute, as usual.


  • Mary Ann

    I really like the fit of that blazer!

  • Sarah

    That dress is FABULOUS!!! The shoes, bag, blazer combo are the perfect accents for it!!! I'm seriously debating whether this dress would be way too short for me to wear to work (probably but who cares?). LOVE your style and your posts always crack me up!


  • Tangled In Texas

    *Looooooooooove* this outfit and that dress! I'm drooling……..

  • Veronika

    love that dress so much!

  • Lynnette

    Love those yellow shoes with that dress!


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