Outfit Of The Day (Bi-Stretch Wool Minnies + A Diverse Density Tank)

I swear that I don’t mean to keep wandering off this blog as much as I have been doing lately, but if there is any good time to get a little lazy with blogging it’s probably in the summertime.  It’s nice outside! There’s so much to do!  There are things are going on!  You know–things that don’t involve me standing next to an stinging cold, foggy window telling the (prettily! falling!) snow to oh-shut-the-fuck-up in a high, squeaky voice.
Pictures are worth a thousands words, so here are some snaps I’ve taken recently of a few things I’ve been enjoying this summer:

The crowd @ Fleet Foxes – Thursday July 21st, Fillmore Auditorium
It was also good, but maybe not quite as spicy.
A McDonald’s mix up during a quick lunch
I accidentally got someone else’s very quirky order for a cheeseless cheeseburger (and it really didn’t have any cheese on it, ew!)
 Strike a pose.
Doing some…shopping something with friends at a vintage clothing store off of Broadway. Um. I may or may not have been wearing a coonskin hat as I snapped this picture?
 Baby birds, day 1.
A surprise in my cheap Target wreath I found a few weeks ago. TAKE THAT MOTHERFUCKER MARTHA STEWART, TAKE THAT!
Baby birds, day 2. 
Oh! Oh damn. I think one is alive.  And…wants me to feed it?

Baby birds, day 3.
Fuzzy baby bird time!

Baby birds, day 5
If a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, how much…is a lot of a bird poop worth? Because there was a lot.  It almost took away from the fuzzy baby birdie cuteness.

 Baby birds, day 7
So this is Mo, Mo Hawk. His siblings Faux, Kitty, and Ad were all still snoozing when I snapped this.  One might even say Mo is a bit of an early bird, and also a charmer–he wanted me to go catch the worm for him. Watch out ladies, watch out.

Baby birds, day 7
Aw again.
Here I’m talking to Petunia while she’s pretending to snooze, and once she realized there wasn’t cheese + crackers involved she gave me her extremely fuzzy, fluffy cold shoulder.
Hellooo, my pretty.

 Surprise sparkly, fun bracelets in the mail from a great bloggy friend, Rosa!

An afternoon storm rolling in.

In fashion news, retailers have already begun to jam their racks full of fall goodies and ohhhh, I am so excited!  While I will always be a warmer weather girl myself, we were just getting started last fall with the REAL GOODS (capes!  camel hues!  midi lengths! silk blouses! leopard prints!  lady-like satchels! faux fur! 70’s chic!) and it looks like this fall is going to pick up right where it left off with even more capes, camel hues, midi lengths, silk blouses, leopard prints, lady-like satchels, faux furs, and…70’s chic. This summer has just been kind of a blip-of-blah in between the goodness; like the mandatory tart green, pine-sol tasting skittles we accidentally grab while trying to dig out the reds, purples, oranges, and yellows. It is okay for something different, I suppose, but you most certainly do not want an entire bag of it. Unless you’re totally weird.
J Crew’s newest arrivals also have me excited for the first time in a few years (is it really that good, or have I just now, like most tired 30-year olds, lowered my standards?), and the Minnie pants in “warm redwood” were my first purchase from the collection. They get five stars from me–they are comfy, light enough to wear right now in spite of being wool, and a  great hue if you want to rock some red pants but want something a bit more muted and easier to wear. Bravo, J Crew, bravo. I think they run pretty true to size, but if you want a tighter fit like how the model is wearing them consider sizing down.  Like, um, five sizes.
The Diverse Density tank by PIlcro from Anthropologie was my next pick. Colorblocking is one of those little trends that I dreaded at first (too simple! so androgynous! how can I over-accessorize  the living daylights out of it?),but like most trends, I have slowly warmed up to it as time has gone on (zombiezombiezombie). This tank is exactly what I was looking for, with a sweet bow for a bit of a feminine twist. Hooray?
Not quite. It is absolutely huge in person; here it is on me in an XS:

 (this is my universal symbol for “it’s huge”; it’s also the pose I immediately strike whenever Husband says, “fancy a date night at smashburger?” and/or how I look when trying to ungracefully get my shoes off the tippy-top shelves.)

I was hesitant to belt this top because hey, it is supposed to be clean looking and color blocked and blah-blah-blah-leave-it-alone-for-once-Chloe-GEEZ…but I finally gave in, slapped a black skinny belt around the waist, and never took it back off.  It gives the top just the right shape without ruining the look too much, I think. It really is a pretty top, made out of a soft swingy jersey, and one of the first times I have ever been at Anthropologie and thought something was priced oddly “cheap”. I kept looking for the 1 that they forgot to put in front of the $48, but no worries–the Persian Floral Blouse has an extra that this top could kindly borrow.

Quick! Before Anthropologie figures it out!

Top: Diverse Density Tank by Pilcro (buy it here) (similar style here) (and here) (and here) (and here) (and here at ASOS, too!)
Belt: J Crew (similar style here)
Pants: J Crew Minnie in Bi-Stretch Wool in Warm Redwood (buy them here) (similar style here for $20) (and here at ASOS) (and another option at ASOS in a flare leg)
Shoes: J Crew Mona Pumps (buy them here) (similar style here under $100) (and here under $100) (and here)
Watch: Michael Michael Kors Large Runway Watch (buy it here) (similar style here for $115) (or a cuff for under $50)
Bracelet: Forever 21 (buy it here) (similar style here)
Bag: J Crew Galaxy Sequin Crossbody (similar style here) (and here on sale for $36) (and here by Rebecca Minkoff!)

(Currently playing in the hizzouse)

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  • Lesli

    The belt cinched it!!

  • Samantha

    Love the whole thing (the pink complementing the redwood, green pop of color, and of course that Jcrew bag)! Plus, belting it with black looks fantastic since you're keeping with the color blocking! FIVE gold stars!!

    xo, sam

  • alison*elle

    I am majorly in love with J. Crew's new Fall arrivals and your Minnie pants look so good on you. I was also looking at those Mona pumps in the catalogue (I want them in the brick red)… are they comfy?

    xo, alison*elle

  • Mrs. April

    I'm too self-concious to wear shirts that fit that way, but you pull it off so well! You're so pretty and petite! :)

    Your dog is adorable. I just want to squeeze her. Not too hard, of course.

  • Pip

    Those pants look great on you! I am thinking I may want to buy a pair and I am also petite at 5 foot. I heard their pants run big. Do I size down or the same in these? I can't believe how big your shirt was. Shirt looks like it was made to be belted after you added it.


  • B.Inspired

    I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying your summer plus we all know you had guests to entertain so it's forgiven that you had a mini vacay from the blog! I almost bought this top at Anthro!! It was a hot seller because all they had left the next time I went back was L…which would not have fit me at all the armholes would have been at waaaaaay too low. Love how it looks on you and enjoy your summer!

  • RosaLovesDC

    Oh lady, that top is so freaking on you! Of course I love that you added the belt. And that Petunia, Lola does the same thing, if there's no food involved, she won't move from her favorite pillow in the couch.

  • Beautygirl24

    OMG Chloe! I'm just about to pull the trigger on the mona suede pumps from J Crew! Please help: I have never ever ordered J Crew shoes, so I am wondering if they are true to size? I normally go between a 6 1/2 and 7…which would you recommend?

  • Kelly

    I've missed your fashion inspiration Chloe! I like that top on you, even if it is huge!

  • shopwithm

    You kill me! lol at your poses and comments, as always. Love this totally unexpected pairing and the pants definitely look better on you than the model. Shirt is adorable belted! The birds, the birds, soooo cute!

  • Jenny K.

    You've got me wondering about that beautiful little snakeskin bag. Where can I find it, Chloe? ;)

  • Sheridan

    Like always, I love your outfit and I think the poses are so funny! : )


  • Tangled In Texas

    So freakin' cute! I am lovin' your haircolor! Belting the top was a fab idea. I don't think I started belting tops until last year or so.

    P.S. The bird names are hilarious!

  • Misseblog

    You look lovely :) x

  • Michelle

    Glad you are enjoying your summer! I do not experience the "it's nice outside!" summer feelings since I am in Vegas!

    Those capris are great! You are right…$48 is not bad for an Anthro top! Looks very nice belted…especially since you chose to stick with a black belt!

  • Mel

    Those bird names are stinking awesome! I actually laughed out lout at them.

    Those pants are super-cute too. I'm looking into a similar pair in a slightly more red color.


  • Anna

    Not wearing the belt would have resulted in your looking like a squarish hot air balloon. I think you made the best choice under the circumstances – clean and simple colorblocking be damned.

    I just love how you paired this top with the burt rose pants; their color complements the rosy part of the top beautifully.

  • Sarah

    Love, love, love the belted top. I agree with you…it's just right. And as for me, I'm dying for a pair of mustard-goldenrod yellow pants this fall.


  • Anna Jane

    love those jcrew pants…i was already wondering about them even though it's 90 degrees here in chi!

  • roxy

    So glad to have you back posting OOTDs!! This might be one of my favorites outfits by you ever. Love the darker red pant and the Monas are super cute. Of course I had the same color of the tank wishlisted. Not sure how it's going to work over D cups, but I am excited to find out. :)

  • Lilly’s Style

    Those pants look waaaay better on you than on the J Crew model. Their Fall collection is amazing though.

  • Gelene

    Your posts are hilarious!! And the birds! They look so small in the pictures!!

    As for the Diverse Density top, I agree with the belt, or else it might have looked like a bag =/


  • Kim

    Your face in the first photo is priceless and I love it. I have been stalking the Diverse Density Top online, but it hasn't hit stores here yet. I read the 2 reviews saying it was huge, saw your first photos and thought, booo, not for me. but I LOVE it with the black belt. I'm sold, and will now be picking it up.
    I absolutely love this color combo by the way – it rocks and is so unexpected. How do those shoes run? I've been eyeing those as well.

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