Outfit Of The Day (The Tortoise And The Hair)

Just a light post for today, while trying to enjoy the weekend and the teeny pockets of sunshine tucked between all of the storms.
I have always been a huge fan of tortoise shell.  Huge. Why this is, I am not entirely sure, but I (of course!) have a few theories:

1. I have brown eyes, you see. And they are not the delightfully pretty hazel-that-turns-other-colors-in-different-lights kind of brown-eyed, oh no.  I am browner-than-brown-eyed, a super dark brown that does no fancy tricks or hocus-pocus in any lighting.

Sometimes they look brown.

And other times…they still look brown.

2. My hair is naturally a muddy, dark blonde. “Ugh, your hair is so mousy,” a relative once told me when I was little, back in a time before mothers brought their 12-year-olds into salons for hundreds of dollars of highlights as they sometimes do now.  It was back in a simple and naive time before I could even begin to know or understand the time, cost, and literal pains that grown women go through to destroy such an awful color from their heads (to destroy it from all of existence, really) as I was much too busy wapping my twin sister on the head with slap bracelets and drooling on Jordan Knight via pillowcase every night.

(“Oh. Oh yes. You’re like me–we are naturally an ash-blonde,” my hairstylist said recently, all while nodding with a fine-tooth comb sticking straight out of her mouth as she quickly stirred up a big bowl of bleach; stirring with hard, determined, punctuated strokes as a tiny beads of sweat began to form on her upper lip, as if she were beating the life out of it.)

3. My first pair of eyeglasses were tortoise shell. I remember the eye doctor nodding at me as she helped me try on dozens of pairs under the harsh fluorescent lighting in the Shopko Optical department when I was 11, nodding much in the same way my hairstylist did a few months ago, as if we had a super secret pact or agreement.  She nodded and said, “Yes. There you go. Tortoise shell looks great on you.”

4. It was the first time anyone had told me that anything looked great on me. Even if they were Nintendo brand eyeglasses; even if they did come complete with a terrified-to-look-dweeby-11-year-old-girl-with-brown-eyes-and-mousy-brown-hair and a matching Super Mario Brothers protective case. And I kinda….believed her.

5. (Aaaand then I grew up and learned that there are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and tortoise shell looks great on damn near any bish, le’sigh.)

    Tortoise shell never fails, tortoise shell never disappoints.  It is just so pretty, with its rich swirls of coppers and browns, and so when I saw that Bobbi Brown came out with a limited edition eye palette  in a tortoise shell case, I had to grab it.

    This palette definitely doesn’t disappoint–I grabbed it in ‘bronze’ and all eight colors are beautiful and work well on this blonde-haired, brown-eyed girl:

    Time to talk fashion! One of the nice things about being petite is that  whenever we’re locked out of the motherfucking house I’m alllllllllwaaaays the lucky, lucky girl that gets hoisted through the window first  um, tunics can often serve as dresses (with a pair of knit shorts or a slip added underneath for insurance, natch), and I was pleased to discover that this little stripey tunic from Forever 21 works well for something fun to wear on the weekends!
    And after months (years?) of lusting, I finally got around to grabbing something from the lovely Emerson Made.  This waxed-cotton moto jacket is the perfect cover-up to protect from the chilly, rain-soaked winds that have been rolling off the mountains behind the thunderstorms, and it is quickly becoming one of my favorites to grab as I am heading out the door:

    Tunic as Dress: Forever 21 (buy it here) (similar style here in purple) (and here with a few extra inches for taller girls) (and another longer option here, too!)
    Jacket: Emerson Made (buy it here) (similar style under $100 here) (and at GAP + take 35% off with code “BRONGAP35”) (and here + take 35% off with code “BRONGAP35”)
    Belt: Banana Republic (similar style here) (and here, on sale!)
    Shoes: J Crew Perfect Patent Pumps (similar style here) (and here) (and 50% off Elizabeth & James) (and for $39.90 at nordstrom)
    Clutch: Kooba Josie Clutch (similar style here) (love this at topshop, too)

    (currently playing)

    • Abby

      That jacket is well worth whatever you paid for it. The fit is perfect and it looks like it feels like buttah!
      Also, your hair looks fantastic! Love the center part on you. I promise I'm not just saying that to help sooth any lingering wounds from the mousey hair comment.

    • Anna

      Super awesome outfit, Chloe! I love the moto jacket with the dress. I had a similar dress from F21 but it died in the wash before I could wear it for more than 4 times. How do you keep F21 dresses from shrinking/falling apart?

    • MissNeira

      Absolutely in love with the print of that dress, you look beautiful!

      p.s just discovered your blog..love it! and so obsessed with that banner of yours!

      Miss Neira

    • ashley (redonk runner)

      MY GAWD!! that dress is dynamite!

    • Samantha

      I LOVE tortoise shell TOO!! (But maybe not for all the same reasons you love it!) You are too funny! Love the way you paired that tunic and jacket (and wonderful animal print belt)!! I definitely need that tunic in my life! xo, sam


    • Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)

      OMG, Chloe, Kelly and Aubrey your stories are tooo funny! Ok I'm short too but that hasn't every happened to me :P

      Wow that jacket is just GORGEOUS! It fits you perfectly too!

    • Jenm

      Uhm, did you just sell out this jacket? I looked at the link earlier this morning, but when I went to look at it again I got a 404 error. I wish I could see the jacket again because I only got to look at it on my cell phone!

    • Tangled In Texas

      *Love love love* this! So cute! I also have darker than dark brown eyes and mousy hair (although it has darkened up a bit in recent years!) I would love to try your hair color!

    • Stacey

      So beautiful! I'm always jealous of people who can get away with tunics as dresses, I just can't do it!



    • LV

      I really love your dress and the way you styled this outfit. That makeup palette is so gorgeous.


    • Aubrey

      LOL Kelly – same thing happened to me. They 'borrowed' me and had me climb through the tiniest window imaginable.

      Chloe – you're like the supermodels that um… model… (duh?) clothes in magazines, and you have NO idea what the clothes will look like on you because the model is just too gorgeous so everything looks good on her. So, natch, I want to buy everything you're wearing. Then I get it on and make my thizz face.

      So, to sum it up, I'm still debating on the tunic. You look gorgeous, doll.

    • Michelle

      Lol! at both yours and Kelly's stories of being hoisted through a window!

      I am in love with this outfit! I am so tempted to purchase this "dress"!

    • RosaLovesDC

      Love that jacket lady. I have several of Emerson Made flowers and I have been so curious about the clothing line. You look amazing and that jacket just looks divine on you,

    • Sarah

      Love that eye shadow palette, and you look fantastic in this tunic the way you styled it! I like that jacket too….. and my hair is as naturally mousy as it gets.


    • nomoneyfun

      Chloe! Longtime lurker but I've always felt bashful about commenting. I just wanted to say I second your lifelong love of tortoise shell and brown eyes are wonderful! Blue, green, hazel, and all the other eye colors are great but dark brown eyes go on forever. You can't see where they end whereas lighter eye colors can appear a bit "shallow".

    • B.Inspired

      You styled this a million times better than F21! Than again..I am never impressed with how they style their items! Love the Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow set you got!

    • lee

      I am petite too and for some reason I think women think stubbier and shorter in ultra short dresses .I think long pants are the way to go for a small person

    • Beautygirl24

      Wow, you little sexpot =) Show off those gams Chloe!

    • Amber’s Notebook

      Love this look!1 you are looking so pretty these days lady!
      Amber's Notebook

    • fifi

      this is such a cute outfit love the leopard with the print! and i love your brown eyed girl story!!

    • Martha

      Well I happen to be naturally mouse….eh….ash blonde as well! I do color my hair brown right now though. I am getting the Sand palette even though I have tons of neutral eyeshadows. A girl can never have too many neutrals right?

    • Alterations Needed

      My dimwitted neighbors would lock themselves out of the house A LOT, and without fail, they would come over to my house, ask my parents if they could "borrow" me, and shove me through the bathroom window to let them back in. Oh…being short…*sigh*

      Excellent jacket choice…the fit is divine!

    • purses and puppies

      i love the way you styled this! i actually love blond hair w/ brown eyes, i think its so warm and pretty :)

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