Outfit Of The Day (A Peppering of Leopard-ing)

If any of you guys follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you likely already know that I escaped our home in Colorado last week to spend some time up in the Black Hills area with my parents.  There were several motivations for my mission (to keep the barky little chihuahuas out of the remodeling mayhem and destruction, to keep the klutzy little Chloe away from the nail gun) (etc etc etc) but it’s also something that I don’t do enough–spend some quality time with my parents.
Aaaand they have a hot tub and my mom makes really good cupcakes. Really good cupcakes.
(But just so we’re all clear here, I have already promised Husband that during the NEXT big project, I’ll totally stay home and oversee the whole thing and he can come up to the Black Hills with the pups to sit in my parent’s hot tub and eat cupcakes. It’s just a teeny-tiny mere coincidence that our next big project is redoing the walk-in closet to look like a Miu Miu boutique, okay?) (Which reminds me– I have a lot of bag and shoe shopping to do for decor, ha ha ha har har ha har I’m funny.)
I did snap some OOTD shots right before I left, though, so here we go! I think we are all probably a little burned-out by now with online critiques and reviews of the Mad Men Collection for Banana Republic (joan!  betty!  lady-like chic!) (sometimes I tell Petunia that Don Draper is her real dad!) (which is a lie: it’s actually Brad Gorescki!) (and where are the crocheted plant holders and moth-ball scented perfume so I can be oh-so-stylish Ida Blankenship?!), yes?
So I’ll keep it short. I am a sucker for leopard, and in the end this cardigan was the only thing I grabbed from the collection. I really like its lighter, neutral color scheme and slight nubbiness; it is a little bit itchy but nothing that my sensitive, ridiculously-rash-prone skin can’t handle.  It’s also just the right weight to wear now in hotter weather for a quick cover-up in harsh, air-conditioned climates.
Ta da, and stay tuned for my awesome fashion recap on Sturgis Bike Week coming up here later this week, vroom vroom:

Cardigan: Mad Men for Banana Republic Cardigan in Cafe Au Lait (buy it here + take 25% off on orders of $100+ w/ code “BR25OFF100”) (similar style here) (and here under $50)
Tank: J Crew  Radiette Cami (buy it here) (similar style here) (and here)
Shorts: Lulus.com (similar style here) (and here)
Watch: Michael Kors Runway Large Watch (buy it here) (similar style here)
Shoes: J Crew Mona Pumps (buy them here) (similar style here) (and here)
Nail Polish: Chanel Miami Peach (similar color here)
Did you grab anything from the Mad Men Collection at Banana Republic? Does your husband let you operate nail guns?  And did you know that Petunia’s real daddy is Brad Goreski? Share in the comments! <3
  • Anna

    I don't think I'll pick anything up from the collection – it's kind of generic and mostly eBay worthy. A leopard print cardigan is available from many brands at comparable quality and for less money. You look darling, as always. I love the cardigan with the lace shorts!

  • Jazzy E (hivenn)

    Beaut. x hivenn

  • Michelle

    So pretty Chloe! I too am a big leopard and lace fan. You wear it so well (non-kitchy…) ♥♥♥

  • Chloe

    Sheridan – Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Sheridan! <3

    RosaLovesDC – Oooh, I didn't know you were allergic to mohair! Yikes. :( I'm sorry! If I ever see a non-mohair dupe around here, I'll definitely send it your way. Can't ever have too much leopard, hee hee hee.

    easy petite looks – A belt sander?! I'm…kind of jealous! That's talent!

    Rachel – Aw, I know! It's too bad Banana Republic doesn't do maternity. But soon you'll have a little nugget, and that's better than any article of clothing IMO. Best to you!

    B.Inspired – You're welcome, and thank YOU for stopping by! I'm jealous of your trip to the Madison Avenue store the day the collection launched – I bet that was such a blast!

    Sarah – Thank YOU! I agree, some of the reviews on it has been less than stellar. I really liked the collection, but…I already have so many similar pieces in my arsenal (from other stores) that it was hard to commit to buying even more of it. I do love how they styled it on bananarepublic.com, though– lots of inspiration, mmhm.

    Milena – YAY!!! I always get so excited when I see another Coloradan blogger, especially one that lives nearby. Thanks for following! <3

    Elaine A – Thank you! I should note that I really did like the BR Mad Men collection, especially how they styled it online, but I already have enough of it from other retailers. Will be definitely working similar styles this fall! *wiggles*

    Beautygirl24 – Thank you, doll! My cami is that greenish-yellowish-gold-bronzed-ochre. I always kind of dread when I have to find "similar styles" for it for my outfit posts, LOL. It's definitely a weird, weird color.

    PetiteAsianGirl – Aw, thank you Jean! My hair stays in place mostly due to the dryness of Colorado- as soon as I hit humidity (like I'm in right now in SD) it's frizz/humidity/horribleness/wispy central. Can't wait until I'm a bridesmaid in September for a humid outdoor wedding- trying to encourage the other bridesmaids that that it's totally okay for us to all wear hats, LOL. *fails*

    mint juleps and magnolias – thank you! <3

    Michelle – thank you! It's a little expensive (I actually grabbed mine from the gilt.com pre-sale for *almost* free from having referral credits, whew!)–I'd definitely try to snag it on sale. You might get lucky!

    Amber's Notebook – aw, thanks so much Amber!

    Kristen – no such thing as too much leopard print, right? I…hope? (I might have a little spotty bit of a problem, ha!)

    jessica – thank you!

    Jenn – done and done. I love them too–I'm not always in love with J Crew's styling, but the colors they've put out for pre-fall have been beautiful. I'll definitely try to post more outfits here when I wear them!

    TaraMixandMatch – Thanks Tara!

    pixelant – I'd say it has a little bit of itch to it, but I typically have super sensitive skin that hates wool and I find it surprisingly tolerable. The wool mix on it is low–if it were any higher, though, we'd probably have a problem. I'd say if you are super-super-SUPER sensitive, I'd steer clear. But if not, give it a try!

    Tatiana – thank you and same here! I'm happy lady-like trends are really coming back for fall–they are so easy to wear!

    Annabelle– thank you! And yes, everybody needs a little bit of lace in their arsenal, I think–it's so fun to wear. :)

    Lesli – thank you! I'm heading home Thursday to see the house & Husband and oh, I'm kind of dreading it. Bye-bye cupcakes and hot tub…

  • Jenny K.

    This is one of my favorite outfits, Chloe! LOVE the color palette, and my God, you look positively glowing!

  • Lesli

    Your outfit is adorable as always! I would go anywhere in the world if it had a hot tub and cupcakes!

  • Annabelle

    You are killing me with the lace thing recently! I own basically none but those shorts and the skirt you showed a while back are starting to get to me. I might need to do some shopping.

    And I agree on the cardigan — I think the lighter color is what makes it particularly wearable. Very nice.

  • Tatiana

    ow about the mad men collection… didnt purchase nothing, but love the cardigan and the bow neck satin-ish blouse.I adore the lady like style.

  • Tatiana

    Love your outfits, but love mostly the lacey shorts. I love shorts but I have fat thighs… and never looks so elegant like you. X Tati

  • pixelant

    Love the sweater! Is it really itchy like the review says on Banana?

  • TaraMixandMatch

    This cardigan is really cute, and I'm still in love with those shoes!

  • Jenn

    Great to hear that you got that cardigan. Now I can live vicariously through you, because I love it! And those shoes!! I tried them on a while back and love the unique color of them. Leave it up to J. Crew to come up with a beautifully colored shoe. Please please please wear them more!

  • jessica

    love your outfit! esp the laceyyy shorts :) xx jessica

  • Kristen

    Looks great! I'm a sucker for leopard print too so I'm totally digging your outfit!

  • Amber’s Notebook

    You look just fabulous lady!! Greta outfit combo and glad you enjoyed time with your fam!
    Amber's Notebook

  • Michelle

    I agree with Jean…your up-do is always so cute!

    I love the cuffs on that cardigan! And I love the deep v! I hope that item will make it to the BR sales rack after multiple price-reductions…but doubt it! I may have to pay near full price for it if it fits!

  • mint juleps and magnolias

    Oh, this is so lovely! Very feminine without being stuffy.

  • PetiteAsianGirl

    I did hear that this was itchy from another review as well, but it looks lovely on you especially with the crochet shorts. And your updo! Always so perfectly in place…my crispy and wispy hair envies yours.

  • Beautygirl24

    Love, love, love how you styled it! Those little white shorts and that gorgeous (greenish?) top are perfect for it! I didn't pick anything up from the collection, but I did grab a beautifully feminine grey pleated skirt…cut for petites! Yay!

  • Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)

    awww I'm sad to see that's the only piece you picked up from the collection, but it looks amazing on you!

    I picked up a dress (the only one offered in petite sizing) and the lace cami and I'm HOPING that it will all fit me (I ordered online so I haven't seen it yet!)

  • Milena

    I started following you today, but I already love your style… I live in Colorado springs and im glad to have found your blog…


  • Sarah

    This cardigan is my absolute favorite from the collection as well – LOVE how you styled it!! I'll admit I've been burned out on all of the reviews but love love love this look SO much :) you look FAB, honey!


  • B.Inspired

    Thank you for stopping by!! Absolutely love this outfit, and I went to BR on Michigan Avenue on the day they launched the MadMen collection! Lovely collection :)

  • Rachel

    Love the outfit! I would have bought something from the collection, howevs, I am preggo. No cute clothes for me! LOL.

  • easy petite looks

    i love the "neutral-ness" of that cardigan, but i didnt even check out the collection. i really wasnt drawn to it (thank goodness). i dont use the nail gun… my skills stop at the belt sander.

  • RosaLovesDC

    I honestly thought Petunia's dad was Daniel Craig.
    I wanted that sweater but it has mohair and I am allergic :(
    You look adorable in it though and it makes me want it more!

  • Sheridan

    I am deeply in love with you Chanel nail polish! Thanks for sharing :)


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