Outfit Of The Day (High-Low, High-Low, It’s Off To Work We Go…)

Hello blog world, how are you?

I’m grrrrreat. Some pretty major demolition happened in our house this past weekend–we cut, tore, stomped, hammered, ripped, and threw away all we could to the point that Husband and I have been hobbling around  every evening like two 90-year olds.  Things are sore that I didn’t even know could be sore from this, like my chin and right earlobe and left lung and all of my hair; and everything is now covered in that powdery, sneezable woody dust that only occurs with construction. I also have to stop Kitty nearly every 10 seconds to fish something (staples? old carpet padding? my sanity?) that she has collected in her long, swishy-swooshy chihuahua tail.

This is all worthless without pictures, isn’t it?  So a little further down is a shot looking into our home from this afternoon. I really liked the way the sunlight was hitting the chair, as if it were a lone, sturdy buoy left serenely bobbing in the ocean after a chaotic storm. Oh cushion-less chair, you daffy, highfalutin beacon of sanguineness, you.

(And my 9-year old nephew also tried to dismantle it  {along with its matching couch we bought earlier this year, too} so we could take it to the dump along with all of the other junk–it’s still making me laugh nearly 72 hours later.)

We are beginning with the upstairs master bedroom area and working down, so the main floor has yet to be completely ripped to shreds.  It’s instead doing a mighty fine job of holding some of the chaos and clutter in the meanwhile, and you can see the (almost) bare, now carpet-less stairs to the right:

Here is a shot of our bedroom; the dark gray paint (SW’s “Garret Gray”) is going both here and in our  walk-in closet.  It is very dark and lovely, lovely, lovely:
And here is one last shot at the corner of our (almost) empty, white-walled closet before I finished moving it all into our basement for safe keeping.  It will eventually be something grand-ish, but for now:
And of course–a big, huge thanks to everyone who came over and helped us this weekend! Ya’ll know who you are, we couldn’t have done it without you, and I am totally working on Husband to get a Slurpee machine installed in this bish as it only seems practical practically awesome, and it’ll save us the  precious minutes of running to 7-11 to get them. Wishusluck.

Now for an outfit. Pleats are a big trend at the moment, as are high-low hems and sheer, wispy layers, and I wasn’t really sold on it until I took another look at Gucci’s F/W 2011 collection.  While the looks there were super dramatic and high-glam:
….there is still something wearable and neat about it, too.  It’s like the best of both worlds–is it a mini skirt?  A maxi?  A mini-axi-axi?
“Oh, lots of girls in Hong Kong were wearing those skirts,” my twin sister said a few weeks ago as we were out shopping together; she had just recently returned from another two-week trip to China. “I thought they forgot to wear the correct length slip underneath or something weird.  Ugh.”
Well. It does sort of look that way, doesn’t it? But this pleated maxi skirt from ASOS is so much fun to wear that it doesn’t matter how odd it might look to our twin-sisters-with-world-traveler-entitlement issues, I discovered–the pleated, airy top layer dramatically swishes and  swooshes around as you walk, and the mini skirt underneath adds a bit of interest without being too scandalous. It makes me want to spin and twirl like a happy little loon, a loon that totally forgot to wear the correct length slip underneath.
(Want it for yourself? To give you an idea on the length: I am 5’2″ and wearing the petite length with 3 1/2″ heels; it skims the floor nicely but is short enough that I don’t get tripped up in it. It’s perfect, I’d say! I also sized up one size per usual in ASOS Petite clothing.)
I have been wearing this skirt mostly with cotton tanks and camp shirts right now in the hot summer weather, but can’t wait to pair it with soft, slouchy sweaters and heavier layers this fall:

 {yeah, trying to get my janky stupid clicky camera remote to work nooooo idea.}

(Currently swishing around to…)

  • Chloe

    Thanks for all the great feedback, guys! Love your comments. :)

    Sonu – I'll definitely get something posted with it when I get back home again (and to my camera!) next week!

  • Jaclyn

    Amazing outfit, I love that sheer skirt and your purse is such a pretty bit of sparkle. Amazing shoe closet by the way!

  • Chase

    I heart that third picture :)

  • Sonu

    HI Chloe, I love the skirt, but can you show maybe how you would style it with a chunkier knit/different tops for fall? I really want to try the trend, but have no clue how to work it in with a knit piece….pretty please? :-)

  • Jackie Welling

    Such a pretty outfit! ASOS is my FAVORITE lately, my shopping cart is up to $460 right now and climbing…


  • TheChambrayCountess

    To be fair, I though the same as your sister when I first saw this style, but now I own 2 skirts like that! You look so cute in yours, btw. And good luck with the reno– can't wait to see the finished rooms (esp the gray walls, I bet they will be awesome!)!!

  • Lacie
  • Coley

    Gorgeous, Ms. Chloe! Totally wearable in this way :)

  • TaraMixandMatch

    You pull of long skirts so well! Love the pleats!

  • Chelsea

    I love this look and have been dying to try a skirt like this. Being petite myself, I've been a little hesitant b/c I'm not quite sure how to pull it off! Thanks for the great recommendations!

    – Chelsea (www.hautechildinthecity.com)

  • alison*elle

    I tried on a similar skirt at H&M but couldn't figure out how I'd pair it with things. Yours looks great on you! I'm excited to see all your renos!

    xo, alison*elle

  • Beautygirl24

    You look gorgeous…but the shoe collection you have? Hello lovers!

  • Sheridan

    The bag totally makes the whole outfit! : )


  • Lynnette

    That bag is so cute!
    can't wait to see what you do with the room. I just painted my guest room dark grey, just need to finish decorating it.


  • Mary Ann

    I love all the red-soled Loub's peeking out of your closet shelves!

  • RosaLovesDC

    lady you've been busy. I hope Petunia helped with all the renovations…
    Very cute skirt!

  • Veronika

    love this outfit and love following your house renos! :) dark gray is the best paint color in all of the land!

  • Hamster

    here's another cheaper altern for the skirt as well


    =] love the outfit!

  • Kayla

    LOVE how you can pull that skirt off, and it still looks classy. You may have just inspired me to take a chance and try something similar to this outfit. :)

  • Jacquelyn

    Love the skirt! Your closet looks awesome! I need space like that to keep all my shoes ahah.


  • Stacey

    Love the way you styled the skirt and what an awesome bag!!



  • Michelle

    Oh! This skirt is something that I would have never given thought to wearing, but you look gorgeous in this! You and your feather necklace! Enticing me once again!

    Good luck with the rest of your renovations!!

  • B.Inspired

    I love this skirt! FINALLY someone made it look classy! And also, I love the sequins crossbody bag!

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