(Outfit Of The Day) A Beautiful September Wedding

So! I am still here, I promise.  
Life has been nothing short of crazy over the past two months, hence the lack of regular posting.  I am finally back at home, however, and most importantly back home without the looming threat of spending more time standing in the long lines of security at the airport (and then wondering, if the wobbly underground train that speeds back and forth between the three concourses derailed and ran into a wall and I survived, would I forever get free frozen yogurt from the World’s Last TCBY That Is Randomly Located In DIA? Is that the rule?), or more driving on a long roadtrip (listening to Dr. Laura Schlessinger on Stars XM along the way for some bizarre form of masochistic torture to stay awake), or more living out of a suitcase and bathing my clothes and/or a random chihuahua in The Magical Downy Wrinkle Release on a daily basis.  You know–all the usual stuff that happens when traveling.
I’ve been everywhere, man, I have been everywhere.  My most recent trip was to Minneapolis to take part in a good friend’s wedding and while It was a quick trip up there, it was jammed full of good fun.  So let’s take a look at it, yes?
The bride herself is extremely artsy and crafty (and has cute freckles too, darn her!) and therefore wanted a DIY wedding.
So we folded lots and lots (and lots!) of pom-poms:

And we fulfilled our bridesmaid-y duties by bravely volunteering our husbands to test-try the Wilton’s icing colors for juuust the right shade of pink:
{i’m hiding!}
Oh yeah. That’s pink.
(and it didn’t come off until several days later, cha cha cha)
After the Freaky Icing Color Debacle of 2011, we had to make a quick trip to the wedding decor aisle in WalMart, too:
{I’ll just go ahead and say it–the wedding decor aisle in WalMart is kind of weird.}
I am wearing my moving-heavy-picnic-tables-early-on-a-Saturday-morning-while-Husband-watches-me outfit:
{it didn’t even budge}
Pretty, pretty pom-poms:

Pretty, pretty bouquets arranged by the bride’s mom!

My twin seester and me:

Outside shot of the Riehl farmstead:
The pretty, pretty bride & groom:
In love with her peacock hair clip, no?
Being silly:
{my mom used to tell stories about how, when we were itty-bitty-toddlers, she’d turn my sister and I loose in a gigaaaantic park and it’d never fail, we’d take off running and then run smack straight into each other.} {I sometimes feel like this explains a lot.}

More being silly:
Getting ready to head down the aisle:
{I was preparing to Souljaboy-Suparman-Dat-Oh down the aisle}
After the wedding!
{the girls}
Cupcakes & cheesecake made by the bride–sooooo good!
Up to no-good with the pom poms:
{ripples mcgee}

Husband pretending to be me:


The wedding party:
Down by the Mississippi River, the end:
{and if our house ever catches on fire, I’m totally making sure to grab these and shove them into my Chanel flap as I flee.}

So!  That is that.  Now on to an outfit–our house is still in shambles, which means it is super exciting trying to find things to wear! And I’m talking about anything, really. I have no idea where anything is right now, and while I am not entirely sure if I liked my Dior Lolita booties with the outfit below…it was between those and a pair of  fuzzy bunny slippers.  It’s all I can find.

(And the bunny slippers probably lost only because they were covered in sawdust and were a clashing shade of pink, soooo.)

I wore this outfit on Wednesday night while meeting up with one of Husband’s old college roommates at The Atomic Cowboy for drinks, pizza, trivia, and fun. Simple, bold gold collars and chokers have been popping up all over the place, and I really love how they look with a silky blouse.  It adds a little bit of somethin’ without detracting away from the prettiness of the blouse, I think, and are a welcome change from the beaded, blingy-and-heavy statement necklaces of seasons past.

And can I also say how much I love this blouse? I seriously, seriously love this blouse. It is gorgeous in person, feels great on, is machine washable (although I have not washed mine yet, so I cannot attest to the durability there) AND it’s on sale right now at GAP. I’m wearing an XS and I think it fits well (it’s supposed to be a teensy bit loose), so keep that in mind in case you want to grab it for yourself, too:

Bracelet: Forever21 (buy it here)
Bag: Lanvin Metallic Python Bag (buy it here) (similar style here at Macy’s) (and here at GAP) (love this, too!)
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  • Brianna Fortin

    You and your twin sister are just adorable!! How do you make sure you don't overlap the same outfit after you've been doing this for so long? Love the outfit!

  • Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!}

    man-o-man those shooz are sexy!!! wait…this is my second comment this morning talking about sexy. Hmmm, I'm sure it has nothing to do with sparkly vampires having sex one week from now.

    I love seeing pics of you and your sis…makes me long for one!!

  • Beautygirl24

    Awww, everyone looks so happy! The most important part of a wedding :)

    I love the color combo (as usual) of your outfit Chloe. You are the queen of color mixing!

  • Griya Mobil Kita

    Very nice, thanks for sharing. rental mobil

  • Daydreamer

    you caught Minneapolis during one of the only nice weeks…super fun pics…i actually love the booties with your outfit!

  • Lacie

    You and your sister are so adorable; perhaps it's the dark hair, but your sister looks a bit like Rachel McAdams.

    Love the outfit, as usual! Thanks for the fashion inspiration.

  • ovirgadamo

    I love your sunglasses – what brand are they?? and where can I find them? I have a super narrow face – do you think they would work for me?
    Love your blog!

  • Tangled In Texas

    Lovely lovely pics! Y'all looked so gorgey and I DO love that peacock clip!

  • Stacey

    Looks like you had so much fun at the wedding you went to, and everyone looks beautiful!



  • Tanya

    Love all the wedding pics! I'm not much of a DIY person myself so it's always amazing to see that from other people.

    Great OOTD too – and your house looks like a runway now. WORK IT, GRRL!

  • Mrs Spanglish

    Love your pics from the wedding! Looks like you had the most amazing time and that color from the bridesmaid dress looks pretty perfect on you too. You guys look like such a fun gang haha

    Your ootd is adorable. I actually kinda like the way the booties look with though I'm sure you had something even more perfect in mind. Hope you can go back to some sort of normality in your house!

  • Chloe

    Thanks so much for the comments, guys!

    Bravoe Runway– Aw, thanks so much for the kind words! I love reading our blog, too. <3

    Michelle– Hahaha, the GAP house is *amazing*. I can't figure out why it's marked down so low with no reviews, because I love it! Is it going to fall apart when I wash it? Turn weird colors in the heat like those wacky Hypercolor shirts from the 90's? I can't figure it out!

    Jenn – Thanks so much, Jen! The bride was awesome enough to let us pick out our own dresses, which always makes bridesmaid-y duties much easier, whew!

    Alison Elle – Thank you! And ohmgoodness yes- we actually found one of the bride's cats buried under the pile the next morning after folding them—I think it also wanted to play with the pom-poms! It was *so tempting*.

    Samantha – Thank you so much!

    Kim – Thank you, fellow-blondie! Hee hee hee. :D

    Mary Ann – We are getting wood (well, bamboo) floors and THANK you! I'm super happy with them so far, and can't wait until we're finished with everything and I can move my furniture back in and clean up the dust, blecccch!

  • Mary Ann

    Are you getting hardwood floors or have I missed that recently? I love them.

    And that blouse is nice – I saw another blogger wearing it, too!

  • Kim

    Looks like you had a great time at the wedding – all your pictures are so fun!
    I love your outfit – that Gap blouse is absolutely gorgeous on you and I'm still really loving your hair!

  • Samantha

    You look beautiful at the wedding – that pink is definitely your color!

    And I love the outfit of the day! Mixing neutrals + colors = greatness!

    xo, sam

  • alison*elle

    I love the wedding pictures. Those pom poms look so fun all piled up there… I would not have been able to stop myself from playing with them. You and your sister and super cute together. AND yay for another outfit post. I look forward to yours so much!

    xo, alison*elle

  • Jenn

    Oh, I loved the jewel tones on you and your sister! You ladies looked so beautiful and that peacock hair piece is inspiring! I love that mustard colored skirt on you and am desperately needing one in that colorway!

  • Michelle

    What a fun wedding!! Loving all your captions! :p Your skin looks amazing!!

    You tempt me with that GAP blouse!! :p

  • Bravoe Runway

    Ahh! I can hardly contain my excitement every time I see an Outfit post from you! So glad to see you are doing well and what a lovely wedding, the bride looked beautiful and so did you and your twin sis! Love today's outfit as well, just recently bought a sheer flesh toned silk bow front blouse from …you would definitely like it as I could see it on you ;) Take care Chloe and hope to see you soon!

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