Remodel Update + Currently Loving (November 2011)

Are you getting sick of coming to this blog only to see me stand in an empty room? Me too! So good news! We’ve moved the furniture back!  Yay!
But we’re not quite done.  Okay, we’re not even close to being done. While all of the flooring is now installed (save for the stairs, which will cost as much as our entire floor install to cover with matching wood) (so it looks like we really will do a slide + ball pit!) (or we’ll pebble it, as I’ve been watching way too much I Hate My Bath and pebbling is so fun!  And so cheap!  And so easy!  And I so really want to do it!) (And I’m not entirely sure, but I think Husband would get mad if I pebbled over the new bamboo in our bedroom so I should probably do it on something else!), we still have quite a ways to go here.

Still on our list:

  1. A complete master bathroom overhaul, complete main floor bathroom overhaul. We have only one bathroom (out of three!) that is fully functional at the moment, and let me tell you–it totally puts the fun into “functional”. HA HA HAHAHA not really.
  2. New furniture.  We threw/donated a lot of our old furniture away at the beginning of this, mostly because it was mismatching sets that we had each independently acquired early on in our adult lives. And while mismatching furniture can have a certain je ne sais quoi about it (and it was reeeally hard for me to part with that fake potted tree that I had adorned with white christmas lights when I was 21 in an odd attempt to be classy, as I apparently thought classy was replicating something found all across America in cheap Italian eateries?) (ha ha ha, and ya’ll read this blog for style advice!) it is time for Husband and me to be adults and have good furniture that kind-of-sort-of matches without being covered in five different slip covers.  Mom, I know you’re reading this, stop crying.
  3. Painting more walls.
  4. Buying some lights to hang, because sometimes being able to see shit is fun.
  5. Buying more Bath and Body Wallflowers, ‘cuz I’m horribly horribly horribly sickly addicted.
  6. Doing a cool textured/printed wall paper on the two windowed walls framing the fireplace. Yes?  Those sluts are almost begging for it!
  7. Doing something with that fireplace. As you will see in the pictures below, we decided to tear out the tiled hearth that jutted out in front as we were installing the floors. We then haphazardly patched it up since we had no master plan for the fireplace at that time. Um. We still have no master plan. That mirror needs to go.  Halp. 
  8. A cool closet overhaul. This will be last, since Husband and I are the only ones that see the closet.  Bummer. 
But with both winter and the holidays looming on the horizon (and Husband starting his competitive youth basketball coaching again), it is definitely time for a break. In spite of the construction hiatus I will still be working on acquiring some pretty furniture over the next few months, once I figure out what it is that I actually want, because I am tired of using old throw pillows & wiggly chihuahuas as make-shift coffee tables. They never sit still, the little brown one shakes uncontrollably because she’s weird, and it’s stressful.
So here we go!  Time for some pictures. The main floor living room looks sparse right now (I am still working on finding a rug, a different coffee table since the zebra thing is going in our bedroom, a funky chaise or set of chairs, end tables, curtains, wall paper, funky knick-knacks, more wall decor, curtains, and lamps–whew!) but I am still thrilled with the results so far. Husband has worked so hard on this, and it has been a great bonding experience to work together towards finally having a space that reflects our style:

And a pretty vase + flowers from Z Gallerie that I picked up last week:

In that same vein, I am long overdue for a “currently loving” post. Here’s what I am currently lusting after this November…and you just might see a few of the pretty things below pop up in my home soon, too! Enjoy:

1. faux fur throw via (shop it now!)

2. organic metal-rimmed dinnerware via (shop it now!)

3. borghese mirrored buffet via (shop it now!)

4. aris vases via (shop it now!)

5. cymbidium orchid via (shop it now!)

6. sunflower/sunburst mirror via (shop it now!)

throw pillow covers via thehomecentric on etsy (shop them now!)

8. opi for sephora traffic stopper copper topcoat (shop it now!)

9. sephora by opi only gold for me topcoat (shop it now!)

10. sephora by opi midnight mambo topcoat (shop it now!)

11. lovers and friends sequin sway dress via (shop it now!)

12. hollywood regency patent gold alligator chair via (shop it now!)

14. proenza schouler PS1 satchel via (shop it now!)

13. alexander mcqueen: savage beauty via (shop it now!)

15. zebra cowhide rug via (shop it now!)

16. awesome print via (shop it now!)

What are YOU currently loving this month? Spill it in the comments!

  • Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!}

    WoooHooo…combining fashion and home design!!! I love it…and holy smokes your living room is sex-ay now! That couch!!!!!

    Catching up on your outfits over here, such great inspiration!!
    xoxox, C.

  • Freckles Chick

    GORGEOUS!! Those new floors are so yummy I could just lick them. I esp. love the touches of glam mixed w/ the white deer heads!

  • Cindi Roberts Culkin

    can we arrange for a place to go to so that I can wear the gold sparkly #11?? Thanks for letting me hit your tile mantle/step thingy. I also appreciate the pink gloves you left to protect girl hands. I was caught staring at the gold chandelier several times (in between being bossed around by the boys) and I was in dreamy land. xoxo

  • Ophelia

    Leopard print,,cardigans, boot socks, and fall/winter dresses w/ boots…are things that i just can't get enough of right now.

    Great remodel! hard work always pays off :)

  • Karen

    Where, oh where,can I find a similar but less expensive desk chair? Any clue? My husband would not go for such a splurge when he would be satisfied with a $15 chair from Target…

  • yuni.k

    This might be one of my favorite posts ever. I keep scrolling through it a dozen times to mentally ingrain it into my mind.

  • Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)

    Wow! The hardwood and the paint colour made a world of difference! That chandelier is gorgeous! You guys have been busy, busy, busy!

  • Chloe

    Thanks so much for all the great comments, guys! <3

    Alterations Needed – I know! And the closet remodel is the only part of the remoodel where I know exactly what I want to do. It's a bummer waiting. :(

    Lisa – Sure, but only if the team of burly men are hot. :D

    Mel – Thanks so much! I do live in Colorado, and the Colorado Springs area is beeeautiful! Let me know when you get closer to moving time and I'll give you all sorts of places & things you need to see. <3

    Ping – Thanks! And oh, I hear you. I'm waiting for some reviews to pop up on first; I fear the dress is going to be uncomfortable and itchy. But oh, so pretty.

    Mary Ann – Thank you! We did remove the ugly tile thing. We also discovered in the process that the ugly tile thing was one of the most stable things in our entire home (and ridiculously hard to remove) and possibly the only stable thing holding up our back wall, so. Fun times? Glad it's gone though, whew.

    Contrary Kiwi – Thank you! The room definitely does look colder now due to the reflection off the floors and the wall color, and so I'm hoping to warm it back up with some colorful curtains and rugs. It's insane how much new paint and new flooring can change a room!

    Erica – Thank you! <3

    Johanna – Aw, thank you! <3

    TaraMixAndMatch – ooh, a similar light in our dining room? I'm obsessed with capiz shell chandeliers right now! Will be hopping over to your blog to see if you have any pictures of it! ;)

    RosaLovesDC – I've been obsessed with that darn Zara sequin clutch ever since I saw a picture of it on your blog. So perfect.

    Tiffany – Thank you! And the PS1's are definitely on my 'next purse' list- or maybe one of the clutches, too. Decisions!

    Natasha & Jo – The chandelier is from Z Gallerie (and still available here!). I absolutely love it, but just a word of warning–my dad is a super handy guy and rigged up a way for us to hang it from the existing light box/ceiling fan due to the slant of our ceilings. The light doesn't actually come that way, but instead comes with a bunch of wires/strings to attach it to the ceiling–and while it's still possible to install it that way on a pitched ceiling, it wouldn't be quite so easy. Let me know if you guys have any other questions!

    Veronika – aw, thank you doll! <3

    allison*elle – thanks Allison!

    TheChamgrayCountess – Thank you! I'll definitely posting some more pictures as we go along, so stay tuned.

    jas – thank you, me too. <3

  • jas

    love love love the new floor!

  • TheChambrayCountess

    It should be "Before" and "WOW" because it looks amazing! Especially the floor! I am glad you are taking a break, but I can't wait for more before and after pics!

  • alison*elle

    It looks great! Nothing better than hardwood flooring! And your new light fixture is pretty incredible too :)

    xo, alison*elle

  • Veronika

    loving this makeover! :)

  • jo

    Could you tell me where the chandelier is from? it is so gorgeous…

  • Natasha xoxo

    That chandelier is gorgeous! Where did you get it Chloe?

  • Tiffany

    gorgeous!! I love the remodel.

    And thanks to you I have now added the PS1 satchel to my WANT list.

  • RosaLovesDC

    Amazing! I love everything!
    For this month, I think i am loving a lot sequins and cozy sweaters!

  • TaraMixandMatch

    This looks great Chloe…I have a somewhat similar chandelier in our dining room :)

  • Johanna

    Wow…that room came out really great and I am lovin' what you're currently lovin…big time!

  • Erica

    Wow that room looks amazing! Nice job!


  • contrary kiwi

    Ooooh I love the wooden floors. They're less fluffy than carpet but so much nicer looking! In these photos I have to admit the house looks a little colder than it did before, but going off the change of the colour of the rose in your lounge I'd say that's probably due to the light :)

    That mirror over the fireplace is so confusing! It took me a while to realise it was a mirror and not just a really odd doorway into your next room…even with the light streaming in from outside in the windows right next to it xD

    I am definitely liking this remodel. Maybe you did get some of Stevie's remodeling genes after all!

  • Mary Ann

    Wow, it was cute before, but it's amazing after! The hardwood floors are awesome. Did you remove that tile thing below the fireplace?

  • Ping

    oh wow. its looks amazing!! so pretty!!
    i been eyeing that FP sparkly dress. I hope you get it so I can see what it looks like on a non-model.

  • Mel

    Love the remodel! What chic and classic pieces that still have a fun vibe!

    And you're in Colorado? I'll be moving to Colorado Springs in May to join my military husband. Perhaps some must-sees when I finally get there?

  • Lisa – respect the shoes

    Can I come to your house with a ladder and a team of burly men to perma-borrow your living room chandalier? And the couch. And shoot, the zebra ottoman too.

  • Alterations Needed

    OMG…the hardwood floor made a world of difference! I can't believe how much better it looks! Darn…why must the closet overhaul come last? That sounds like the most fun part!

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