Outfit Of The Day (Happy ♥ Day)

♫: Love Interruption – Jack White

Oh, Valentine’s Day. I will be the first to admit that it’s not a holiday that ranks high on my list, for whatever cynical reason (the pressure! the tangible feeling that I should be wearing a feminist-cone-of-shame for even thinking about liking such a dangerously over-hyped, over-commercialized holiday! the people making fun of me for being the only human alive that actually likes conversation hearts!) but oh well. My feminist cone-of-shame is currently at the cleaners today I guess, thanks.
Anyway, there is lots to actually love about the day of love–like strawberry and fruit punch flavored Nerds, pretty flowers, and cupid having the super-sads:
I do think one of the best gifts to give and receive is to just spend time with those that you love, so I spent the past weekend with Husband. But it isn’t always something we get to do this time of year. I sometimes work weekends, amongst other things, and he is typically busy coaching his competitive youth basketball league–all which can make alone-time pretty darn tricky.
So we decided to do something new for Valentine’s Day this year, and on Saturday we hit up the Rialto Cafe for a Murder Mystery dinner + play. Nothing says love like death and murder, eh?  It was a riot though, and even though it was like negative 20 outside (brrr!) and the 16th Street Mall area was freakishly vacant for a weekend evening, we still had a blast. Good food, good people, good times.
On to what I wore. I originally grabbed this Tibi dress during one of Piperlime’s recent big sales, and it has been hanging prettily in my closet since, waiting to be taken to the tailors since it is a bit too wide and long. Since it still hasn’t made it that direction, however, I decided to wrap a skinny belt around it to help give it some shape and a slightly shorter length. I am not a always huge fan of belting shift dresses (it kind of takes away from the point, right?), and this dress definitely does not need it–but when in a impromptu lazy pinch, eh. It kindaworks.
(oopsies–the back of my head, it does exist.)

I also realize that I have gotten away from some more “personal life” aspects of this blog over the past year, for various reasons, but I went with Husband on Sunday to see some of his basketball games and I have a picture that I snapped that I would like to share.

Husband has been coaching the same group of boys for a few years now, and it has been crazy to see them grow up. I’m talking about height–nearly all of them are now taller than me and it totally freaks me out.

It is likely Husband’s last year coaching this particular group, though, and while many of them are now surly teenagers I know they will still all be missed. Volunteering as a coach is something that Husband really loves to do, and seeing the enjoyment he gets from it more than makes up for any “alone time” we might not always have to spend with each other. Also, since we are remaining childless, I think it’s a great way for us to still give to the community. It is so, so important.

For all the teasing I give to Husband on my blog, my heart swells with pride whenever a parent tells me how much they appreciate what he does and the time he gives…and when I hear the boys call him “coach”.

Aw, sorry for the super-mush, and to make up for it I am preeeetty sure he is yelling and saying awful things to  them in this pic:

(and our pumped up kicks)
Are you doing anything fun to celebrate? Share in the comments & happy Valentine’s Day, you guys!
  • Annabelle

    Petunia's sweater is too cute!  Love it.

  • julia martin

    love that dress!


  • foursistersfourstyles

    Your dress is great! You look beautiful! Hope you had a fabulous Valentine's Day!


  • Taylor Wymer

    that last picture is absolutely adorable. <3

  • nkilian2135

    Aww, I love this! What a fun way to spend V Day! You have some amazing places in your town Chloe, I'm very envious. You and hubs are gorgeous together and I love reading more about you two.

    Oh, and I love the Foster the People reference ;)

    ~ Noelle

  • Maca Barnes

    Aw Chloe I loved this post! you look beautiful in that dress obviously but beyond that is so nice to read how proud and in love you are! It totally translates to us readers :)

  • Beverly Frazier

    such a cute posting… love how you highlighted your hubby's coaching experience… my fiance is a coach and I understand their passion to help these kiddos out! Cute!! Xoxo

  • Karri Haen Whitmer

    I agree, that dress is ahhmazing. Still looking for a top in that kind of print. Oh, the dogs are amazing also. :)

  • AlieJasmine

    Looove that dress!  I need to come borrow it for a Mardi Gras party this weekend.  It has a festive "bead" theme going on!  Sounds like you and hubby had a great Valentine's!  Y'all make a great spunky couple!  So cute!  xoxo,  Alie

  • Amanda English

    Love the dog outfit and of course yours!  Always amazing!!!

    Stop by soon, I'd love to hear what you think about my Valentine's Recap!xoxohttp://eloquentenglish1.blogspot.com/

  • TOBeautyReviews

    I always look forward to reading your posts and it's difficult NOT to share a bit of ones personal life in the blog as it sometimes feels like us bloggers talk more to each other on a daily basis then we do our real life friends :P  You and husband look fantastic as always and that's awesome about him coaching – you're right it's really important to be involved in the community even if you don't have kids of your own :) It's great that he has the drive for it :)

  • Petite LG

    You two are such a cute couple, Chloe! I love your dress. Very chic and unique. Sounds like you had a great Valentines' Day.

  • Stacey B

    I love your dress! It's so unusual!



  • alison

    Aw, you and your hubby are so cute together. I especially love that candid shot of the back of your head and the one of your shoes. Hope you had a great Valentine's Day, Chloe!

    xo, alison*elle

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