Outfits Of The Day (Snapshots, Take 2)

♫: Near Death Experience Andrew Bird
So after typing out that ridiculous little diatribe about photography on Monday (being so moving, blah blah blah) (being so great! blah blah blah), my 5D had the nerve to completely bite the dust. It did the camera-equivalent of sticking its tongue out at me, I swear, only it was exactly like when I was a kid and my dad told me that my face would stick that way.
Its face stuck that way…
…and it stuck that way with its little reflective mirror dealie flapping oddly and immobile in the wind.
As it turns out, this is a pretty common problem for the Canon EOS 5D’s so Canon says that they will fix it for free. It is a five year old camera, however, and pre-used even before I got my hands on it–it has served me well, but it is probably time for an upgrade. All of my cameras have been pre-owned, and it would be awfully nice to finally get my own baby to break, yes?
BREAK IN! We’ll see. Maybe.
Anyway, back to my snapshots-from-the-past series. We went on a really fun cruise with a bunch of our friends a few years ago; and while I don’t remember much from this particular evening, I do remember that right before this picture was snapped my extremely-astute-and-not-at-all-inebriated twin sister wondered aloud if this brightly lit, oddly unmarked and mysterious room…was the ships’ control room:
{So as it turns out we were really drunk, and me and my teeth were totally having a blast shooting Jeffy in the head}
You know–sandwiched right between the dance club and casino? Where Captain Mario and his first mate Luigi steer the ship? Your cruise ship didn’t have one?  Bummer.
And now for an outfit–I still have a few old OOTD snapshots off my dead camera, whew:
Jacket: Emerson Made Waxed Moto Jacket (similar at Express) (similar at UO) (and another option here)
Skirt: J Crew Factory Factory textured cotton mini (buy it here) (similar at F21) (longer length option at LOFT)
Belt: Urban Outfitters (buy it here)
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