(Outfits Of The Yesterdays) Catching Up + Easter + Four Outfits

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Ah, so, where were we? I hope ya’ll had a great Easter! It has been a busy past few days around here–between more travel, celebrating a job well done with Husband and some good news for him (hooray, so proud!), listening to my dad give a hilarious live analysis of Mad Men, stuffing myself full of my mom’s delicious sugar cookies, and celebrating Easter with my fam…it was fun, but I am happy to be home again. I’ve always been a little bit of a homebody at heart, shh. Don’t tell.
So time for some picture vomit. I’ve finally downloaded Instagram (uh huh), and I have also been trying to take more snapshots of my everything (riiiight), so the snapshots below are a hodge podge of iPhone, point & shoot, and new camera shots from whenever I remembered to pull out them all out.
It is a fine line, after all–it’s like those people you see at concerts, nodding their heads to the beat of the music but tweeting/texting while doing so. In fact, they’re doing it the entire time. Are they actually enjoying the experience, or are they enjoying the fact that they should be enjoying the experience, but they’re so busy telling someone else how much they’re enjoying it that they’re not really enjoying what they should be enjoying at all? Right?
And to think, there’s a reason why my extravagantly ambitious and industrious leap towards being a fortune cookie fortune writer never panned out. I know I sometimes use too many descriptors, can never stay focused, and worry too much about what others are doing…but can’t they just make the fortune cookie bigger? In bed! Ha ha ha ha ha.
 My lucky numbers are always shut up, sad-face:
{clockwise from top left: dinner at the edge restaurant in the four seasons denver, outfit for that night, neon maxi skirt + blazer, flatness of Wyoming, funny-easter-bunny}
{a sparkly, colorful line-up}
{the back of my favorite hoodie & what I wear whenever I’m not feeling well, hitting the gym, and/or going to the grocery store late at night: a comically badass, tatted, gun-toting marilyn.}
{he plays angry birds alllllll the time and it still took him forever to get the swim trunks out of the tree}
{twin sister + her husband + their dog}
{Husband + me + not our dog}

{our one and only attempt at a proper family photo}

{diane von furstenberg alba two mini dress in daffodil (available on sale in more colors here!) (and a cheaper option at ASOS), rivka friedman mina bracelet, forever 21 mint bangles}

Necklace: Forever 21, old (similar here) (similar here)
Bag: Lanvin Sweet Dora Crossbody (similar here) (similar under $200) (similar here)
Jacket: Alexander McQ for Target (similar at Zara) (similar here)
Cardigan: J Crew, old (similar here) (similar at F21)
Belt: J Crew, old (similar at Banana Republic)
Skirt: J Crew, old (similar here) (similar here)
Shoes: J Crew Mona Pumps in Wild Berry (buy them here) (similar by Nine West in “pink suede”) (similar at ALDO)
Bag: Lanvin Happy Mini Pop in gold python (similar by Lanvin here) (similar under $100) (similar under $100)
Chloe, Colorful Colorado.
5'2" on a good day. 30's. A wearer of many hats. Likes fashion, good music, anything cinnamon flavored & pretty, pretty shoes. Loves her two chihuahuas, tickle fights with her husband, traveling, digging around on the internet for fun finds, Colorado, and always lugging around a camera or two...(more)


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