• Happy Anniversary!  :)  My husband and I are celebrating our six months this July. :) 

    I love the train on your wedding dress!!

  • Primandpetite

    Congratulations on 6 Years! have fun Chloe!


  • Have a wonderful time girl! 

  • Brandi

    Happy Anniversary, Chloe!

  • Beautygirl24

    Gorgeous beach pictures! Happy anniversary sweetie!

  • Happy anniversary Chloe!!

  • happy anniversary to you and your dear hubby! xox P

  • TheKimmieChronicles

    YAAAAY! Happy anniversary, Chloe! May is our anniversary month, too. Have lots of fun!

  • awww…happy anniversary!!!

     xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  • Happy Anniversary! Hope you’re spoiling each other!

  • carol_prettythings

    Happy anniversary, Chloe! Such beautiful wedding pics!

  • witheachpassingday

    Congratulations – Happy Anniversary and enjoy your time!

  • Congratulations – what a happy milestone, and I hope you have something extra special planned. :)  Will look forward to hearing about it once you’re back!

  • Aww, congratulations and enjoy your time away!! :)

  • TOBeautyReviews

    Congrats Chloe! Wow I haven’t been blog reading for a bit but I love this new layout!

  • I’d love to see more wedding pictures Chloe! ;-)

Chloe, Colorful Colorado.
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