Outfit Of The Yesterdays: Fit To Be Tied + A Remodel Update

With the weather getting warmer, Husband and I have been back to actively compiling our “remodel-to-do” list for this summer. I posted a few months back that we had gotten rid of most of our old furniture during our new floor install last year, and so I have been extra focused on finding new furniture and figuring out exactly what we want.

I also mentioned, at some point in this whole lengthy process I am sure, that I’ve found this process to be pretty similar to the world of fashion. The colors and textures that I like to mix into outfits often work much the same as accents and finishing touches in a room.  And just like how putting together a good wardrobe with essential items is best done by planning ahead first (‘cuz we all get bitten by the why-the-heck-did-I-buy-THAT-Target-Forever-21-cheap-clothes-bug) (only symptom: a total lack of impulse control and…a closet full of polyestered-chiffon?)…thinking about what pieces to add to a room well before buying them, using photography and a photo editor to get a good visual, and taking advantage of an online cataloging-tool like Pinterest to keep it all organized has personally been a great way for me to stay on track and keep things cohesive. 

I know it seems like a no-brainer, but we want to make absolute sure that we get items that both reflect our personal style and that we’ll keep around for awhile–weekend warriors, we most definitely are not.

Also like fashion, it’s a bit of a fun challenge to mix high and low decor together. We want our home to have some unique pieces, but some of the best items that I’ve found have also been the cheapest. I have been searching around on Etsy and digging around in a few local Denver vintage stores too, recently stumbling upon Lee Alex on Broadway. They have a robust selection of affordable mid-mod and new furnishings (and you can follow them on Facebook to see the loot right when they get it in, too–addicting!). Home Goods has also been a bit of an unexpected gold mine, as long as one can find the time to stay on top of their quick-moving inventory.

So! After finally finding our bed this past weekend (you can see it here, as it won’t be in our home until July), I decided to scrape the West Elm Foxed Mirror Nightstands ($300 each) that I had wanted, and grabbed these Target glass accent tables  instead:


In spite of most of our bedroom still being a hodge-podge of random, temporary crap (pardon my use of lopsided photography as a desperate distraction)–I really like them. The West Elm nightstands definitely have a cooler, more industrial feel to them; but the Target glass accent tables are well made, extremely heavy and solid, come completely put together (yay!), and cost under $100 a pop. Target is also running a 15% off + free shipping promotion on furniture at the moment, making the tables $76.50 each if you buy them online.

$150 versus $600, free shipping included–it’s a done deal.

I also picked up a few of these Privet Home faux-alligator frames too, to hopefully fill with a few photos from our Santa Fe trip & such:


And last but not least–one of these days I won’t be standing next to the rugged, outdoorsy-elegance of an unfinished staircase. So let’s cherish the little time we have left, eh?

  • Jennifer Choy1984

    That blazer is stunning! Great outfit!


  • ThefashionableESQ

    Chloe, the blazer is amazing. Beyond. I love this entire outfit. 
    The Fashionable ESQ

  • What a fab website! Thanks for featuring my butterfly ring Chloe! Your followers are welcome to use coupon code BLOG10 for 10% off anything in my shop :) Also wondering if you would mind me using the close up picture of the ring on my website. Cheers!
    <3 Cat

  • :)

  • You’re totally right about the similarity to fashion — that’s struck me lately also.  Love the mirrored tables!  I’ve been wanting something shiny like that for my own bedroom.

  • Hee hee hee, nightstand twins! Hi-five. <3

  • Curlijuli

    Beautiful tables! Sometimes you can find real gems in target:) what’s going to happen to your staircase? Can’t wait to see!

    • That’s an excellent question! My husband and I were the total goobers that (gleefully!) ripped the previous carpet off without realizing the $$$$$ it was going to cost to finish them in wood to match the floors.  So! I think we’re going to do a low pile, neutral-hued carpet and then paint the railings black (and the balusters white to match the trim). Just a little update for the stairs, but hopefully it’ll be enough of a change for them to match the rest of our interior. *crosses fingers*

  • Oh I was looking at those West Elm tables too so I am glad you reviewed the Target option, they look super cute!

    • The West Elm tables are a little sexy, aren’t they? Levi wants to set our Target ones on fire to give them a similar smokey finish. He *claims* he saw them do it on HGTV, but I’m going to go ahead and try to not be home when it happens.  LOL.

  • forallthatjas

    you look absolutely incredible and I LOVE your decorating sense! :)


    • Aw, thanks so much Jas! <3

  • great outfit Chloe! I also love bargain hunting..instead of getting new dressers, H and I are going to paint them and add new hardware!

    • Thanks V!  Can’t wait to see what you do with your dressers. We have an old chest of drawers that we’re going to be re-finishing, too–I just can’t decide what hardware to go with.  Too much to choose from, arrrgh.

  • Stacey B

    I love hunting around on Etsy but there is just too much stuff I want from there!! Love your new nightstands they were a great deal!



    • Thanks so much, Stacey! And oh, Etsy can be so dangerous sometimes. Glad I’m not the only one that feels that way. <3

  • daintyanddecadent

    The green top is pretty AND that blazer is AHHHHmazing! I have those same tables and they are so cute!



  • Lb

    your legs look so tanned! what do you use?

    • I can’t believe I forgot to include this in my post! I’m actually wearing Lorac’s Tantalizer – I usually don’t wear it in my OOTD posts, but it’s amazing for giving legs a tan + healthy glow. The only bad part is that it’s a bronzer and not a self-tanner, so it’s not suitable for days by the pool or on the beach because it’ll wash right off. You can find it right here & let me know if you have any other questions! :)


  • ok…that collar necklace is pretty friggin AMAZING. i LOVE finding cool etsy shops like that! and those target table/nightstands…also pretty effin fantastic! i don’t know what it is about your blog that just made be want to throw out a few “f” words….ha ha! lookin gorgeous as usual.

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

    • Aw, thank you Jenn! And swear away, I sometimes have a mouth like a sailor so holy shit, dooon’t worry about offending me. ;) ♥

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