Outfit Of The Day: Getting Graphic (+ Beauty Talk)

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First things first: let’s talk make-up. Nordstrom had their annual Buy 2, Get 1 Free Mascara Event over Memorial Day weekend, as they usually do, and while I usually stock up on my true love (Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill), I grabbed something new to try, too: Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils in Plum (bonus: take 20% off on  your entire order of $125+ at Yves Saint Laurent Beauty through June 18th with code “YSLFRIENDS”).

Yup, plum-hued mascara. I have been a blackest-black sort of girl for most of my adult life, but promises of making my boring brown eyes twinkle, sparkle, and look, you know…not so brown…had me sold. What can I say? Makeupalley, you’re a bit of a sneaky bitch.

But one thing that I can’t say is that I am impressed. The tube is pretty, I will give it that. Anyone know what Black Hills gold is? It reminds me a little bit of that, at least in color, because I am a classy, classy lady:

ysl volume effect faux cils - plum

It looks a little plum-ish here:

 ysl volume effect faux cils - plum

More plummy here with natural light from the window:

ysl volume effect faux cils - plum

And kind of plum, next to black (Eyes to Kill):

ysl volume effect faux cils - plum

But it seems to do almost nothing for my actual eyes. I’d take some pictures, but seriously–it still looks like I’m still wearing dark-brown-to-black mascara.

Woo.  Exciting.

So make-up mavens out there, I need your help. What am I doing wrong? Do I need a different eyeliner? Different eyeshadow? Have any tips or tricks for wearing it so I don’t feel quite as guilty over buying a $30 tube of non-magical mascara? It’d be much, much appreciated. ♥

Second! Spend .02 seconds on Pinterest (or flipping through a lady mag) and you will see that DIY manicures are a big trend right now. I am admittedly not a master when it comes to wielding a nail polish brush, the arthritis doesn’t make it easy (and if you really want to have fun on a Friday night, you should see me try to sew loose buttons, pluck my own eyebrows, or read some scribbled Russian gibberish) (which is apparently my own handwriting, according to everyone, but whatever), but one of the easier-to-do designs is the “feature” nail.

For those of you that aren’t yet familiar with this term–a feature nail is painting one fingernail on each hand, usually the ring finger, a different color than the rest. Some people just do solid colors, while others might do decorations and patterns. I have it on my nails in the photos above, but this is a great (and gorgeous!) example, too:

So a quick little tip–something I like to do, especially if I’m busy and don’t have three hours to fight with ninja nail polish brushes on the attack, is to paint four of my fingers a color to match my accessories (rose gold, gold, or silver) and then do the one feature nail in a color that coordinates with my outfit. Change outfits? As long as you keep the same accessories, you will only need to re-paint two nails–not ten.

I usually do this over the weekend, as it makes easy to look like I’ve spent some time on my nails even when I don’t have the patience or the time. I’m wearing ULTA’s “Lucky Penny” (to match rosegold, no longer available – similar here in “Quit Metaling”) and Nicole by OPI’s “Dandy Lion” (to match the yellow in my top) below:





Are you guys rocking the “feature nail” trend? What’s your favorite way to wear it? Share in the comments!

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  • Netty D

    Hello! I do a glitter feature nail – I think it looks cute. That picture of your hand looks fake, they look so perfect!

    The Fashionable ESQ

  • briony

    It’s not you, it’s just a giant plum mascara conspiracy!  I bought a tube of plum DiorShow last year and expected something dramatic and fun.  What I got was something that was vaguely plum if you squinted reeeeeealy hard and not nearly as striking as my blackest-black.  Stick with plum shadow or liner and black mascara!

  • I never knew this trend had a name! I’m currently rocking the feature nail with deep blue and kelly green as the feature. It’s my favorite way to wear different colors without being too overboard. 

  • Awesome top, I love it!

  • Carrie Cousins

    The plum color of your mascara might pop a little more if you pair it with green or gold hues. I run a beauty blog by the way, http://www.beautytestdummies.com. But honestly, unless you buy a bright colored mascara (a trend I am a little scared of) the difference will be super-subtle and you will only catch it in the right light — like a fun little surprise! 

  • Why not try contrasting the purple with green- not only to bring out the purple more, but also to complement your brown eyes!

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  • nkilian2135

    I love the feature or accent nail! I’ve been doing it quite a lot lately. I’ve always been obsessed with nail polish, and I’m so glad that others are just as bad about hoarding it as I am! Great tip too about only needing to change two nails and not all of them. I will keep that in mind!
    I’m not sure why the mascara isn’t appearing plum. Maybe try pairing it with a purple liner or shadow. That may bring out the true color.
    Oh, and I LOVE your accessories as always! So dreamy :)

  • TOBeautyReviews

    Nah you’re not doing anything wrong with the mascara. I’ve found all colour mascaras don’t really leave any colour on the lashes. Just stick with black! I’ve done the feature nail but in a subtle way. I might just add a glitter nail polish over the one nail or one time I used a slightly different shade in the same colour family for my feature nail. I’m kind of chicken when it comes to experimenting with nail polish! :P

  • Kate Jackson

    I tried a little foray into colored mascara as well – a green-tinted one that was supposed to bring out the olive in my eyes. Yeah right. It just looked like the ends of my lashes were lighter than the rest, which isn’t a super look on anyone. At least we try to be creative, right?

  • dgicali

    I was just at Zara yesterday and walked right past this top with a smirk at it all the while thinking NAAAHHHH!… what the heck were they thinking with this one! and now I see it on you and I think, why didn’t I get that top?!?!?!… it looks so cute on. Love the accessories and the nail polish tips. I used to match my polish to my outfits and usually changed polishes every day but that got old when chasing after toddlers…
    As far as the makeup… I love the YSL faux cils (a pretty and young salesgirl actually called it “fox” cils and I couldnt stop laughing all the way home)… but I like the black (I have green eyes). My immediate question would be why get a plum eyeliner just to pump up the plumminess (huh?) of the mascara? I would go with a taupe-ish shadow ( I love MAC Satin Taupe), a plum eyeliner, gold shadow on the inside corners of the eye and below the eyebrows (very light) and black mascara…
    Let me know if you like!
    Happy Friday!



  • I have also fallen into that trap and tried plum mascara – they said it would bring out my blue eyes! But, the only time I could actually tell a difference is when the sunlight hit my lashes. On another note, I really love that top, but it’s completely sheer in the back right? Not sure if I can pull that off, but the print is so pretty!

  • daintyanddecadent

    L.O.V.E. love those shoes! Sometimes when I use a white mascara primer (I use the one from Lancome I think) it helps make color mascaras stand out more.


  • LOL LOL LOL at the makeupalley reviews…don’t worry, they get me EVERY time too. i haven’t tried any other colors in the mascara department since i gave electric blue a whirl back in the 80’s. =) but plum does sound like it would be pretty! i am a nail polish-aholic and in one year went from owning like three nail polishes to now having close to 100. in fact, i worry that we will have an earthquake and my treasured polishes will fall to the ground and break…LOL. the first step is admitting you have a problem, right?!?! =) LOVE love LOVE that blouse, btw. love how i always take up your comment space to talk about myself. sheesh.

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

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