Outfit Of The Yesterday: Plum & Python (+ A Few More LOFT Reviews, Too!)

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(Please note: LOFT’s Friends & Family sale is now over, but you can still take 20% off on full-priced orders of $100+ with code “7INSIDER”!)

LOFT’s Friends & Family Sale wraps up tonight, and the 40% off discount is pretty decent if you, like me, are already feeling the lulling lure of pretty pre-fall fashion. Never mind that it’s 95 degrees out, you’re right! That burgundy-baroque-faux-fur-trimmed-with-a-peplum cape IS going to look so cute while remaining haphazardly stylishly thrown draped over my closet floor for the next few months while I…can’t wear it.

Everyone should have a closet floor that looks so stylish. That, I am certain, is why you read this blog.

But thanks to LOFT our closet (laundry/bedroom/un-used treadmill) floors can now look stylish for a hearty 40% off, and I grabbed a few things recently from the retailer that I have actually already been able to wear right now. First, these pants:

LOFT marisa zip pocket skinny ankle pants in bi-stretch
take 20% off on full-priced orders of $100+ with code “7INSIDER”

I have mentioned many times here in the past that I have a hard time finding pants since I have a bit of a weird body–I am short with a longer-torso and shorter legs. I am an “apple” shape, carrying extra weight in my mid-section, but as I have gotten older (and deal with bloat-inducing Lupus medications + not being able to work out), I have begun to morph into a slight “pear” shape as well. I should also probably note that I am predisposed to hangnails, migraines, accidentally getting “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt” stuck in my head for a million days in a row, and jamming up office copy machines every time I touch one–let’s just throw it alllll right out there.

So aside from being one sad watermelon short of an awesomely anemic Edible Arrangements gift basket, my body is a problem when it comes to finding good pants. Pants that typically fit in the waist are too big in the butt, thigh, and leg. Pants that typically fit in the butt, thigh, and leg typically do not fit in the waist. Blah.

I also prefer pants that:

  1. Have a slightly higher rise (to help my legs look a little longer).
  2. Have a good amount of stretch (while not stretching out of shape during wear–no one likes doing the “broken-pants-hike-up-prance” at the end of the day).
  3. Have a shorter inseam (around 27 inches to 28 inches or so).
  4. And have a zip fly (flat-front pants can look great on some people, but I’m usually not one of them).


I am happy to say that these are the first pants that I have found that just have a really good all-around fit. The bi-stretch fabric is thick enough to hide things (while remaining incredibly comfortable), is super stretchy (but holds its shape well throughout the day), and has a slight woven texture to it (so it’s easy to dress both up and down). It’s hard to find perfection in pants, but these come pretty close.

Here they are with heels (Note: I snapped the pics quick this morning for a reader request, and the terrible top that I am wearing isn’t tucked into the pants but just rolled up, hence something that looks a little like a muffin top. It’s just an illusion–no muffin-topping in these puppies, whew):


Here they are with flats:


Here they are, tucked under about 1-3/4 inches to the length in which I would like to have them hemmed:


And they have zippered pockets. They are a little too low to be completely functional, but the zippers give the pants a trendier polish, which is nice:

Due to the super stretchiness, I found that the “berry blue” pair ran large and I had to size down one size. The black color, however, is not as stretchy and so I stuck with my normal LOFT size for that particular pair.

I will need to hem them up a little bit, as they do not come in petite inseams and I hate wrinkly ankles, but aside from that I absolutely love them. They are a great option for anyone that loves the J Crew Minnie pant but wants something more substantial–well done, LOFT!

LOFT front pocket pencil skirt in bi-stretch
take 20% off on full-priced orders of $100+ with code “7INSIDER”

I am wearing it below in a petite size and in “lush plum” color. It’s too hot to wear jackets at the moment, so I really just wore the blouse with the skirt by itself, but since it is an autumnal-hued skirt I decided to snap a few different jackets with it for some general ideas of how it will work in the fall, too–just in case anyone wants to look back here for some ideas in a few months. :)

The color of this skirt is neat–the plum isn’t overly red or overly blue, but instead a nice, neutral purple that (I think) works well with lots of different colors. Love it:

Yellow Jacket: J Crew, old (similar here) (similar here) (similar here)

Mint Jacket: Zara, old (similar here) (similar here) (a splurge here) (last worn here)

Orange Jacket: Zara, old (similar here) (similar at Piperlime, 25% off!) (similar here under $100)  (similar under $50) (last worn here)

Black Jacket: Zara (buy it here) (similar here) (a less-dramatic option here)

Brown Jacket: Modcloth, old (similar here) (similar under $50) (last worn here)

 Snake Top: H&M, recent (similar under $100) (similar here) (similar here, under $100)

Belt: Urban Outfitters (buy it here, on sale for $15)

Bow: ASOS (similar here) (similar here)

Rosegold Spike Rings: ASOS (buy them here) (a milder version by House of Harlow, on sale) (last worn here)

Skirt: LOFT (buy it here + take 40% off with code “FRIENDS”) (an A-line option here)

Orange Bag: Marc Jacobs Quilted iPad Bag (similar here) (similar by Kate Spade) (similar at J Crew, under $100)

Pink Bag: Chloe Paraty in Rosewood (similar here) (similar here) (similar here) (similar under $100) (last worn here)

Shoes: Vince Camuto Prue Pumps (buy them here) (also now available in a flat!) (similar here for $50) (last worn here)



Are you guys grabbing anything good from the LOFT Friends & Family sale? Share in the comments!


  • The Fashionable ESQ

    Wow! So many adorable outfits in one post! I love the leather overlay for the skirt. The LOFT Pants fit you amaaaazing and the color is great. Heart your yellow boucle jacket. So chic.
    The Fashionable ESQ

  • Caroline L.

    You are adorable! I love all of those jackets! LOFT is one of my favorite stores, but sadly they closed the one at my local mall… sadface, oh well, the Internet saves me :)

  • Love this outfit with all the jackets! I usually stay away from H&M but may have to go hunt down that pretty top. I like it when you do pants reviews as I’m similarly shaped and have the same fit issues as you. I’m going to try out the LOFT pants. The J Crew Cafe Capris in petite sizing has been a good fit for me. Not sure if you’ve tried those out yet but I really like the fit!

  • Hey Chloe! I have the same issue with pants – If you’re looking for another black pair I would highly recommend the Banana Republic martin fit skinny pant – comes in bi-stretch fabric and petite inseam! I love them.

  • Gorgeous looks Chloe and what a great review! So helpful! Also, I love how you’re showing all the different outfits you can create by switching up the jacket!

  • Christy Kelsey

    I have the same problem with pants – so I always love your reviews! Thanks for this.
    I also was super suprised and how much the jackets changed your look – I think it’s time for me to invest in some more blazers!
    PS I loooove the Lumineers and that song – great choice!

  • this is a fab review!!! you are way to hard on yourself…but you had me cracking up anyway…btw, i am a total pear…with a muffin top and a permanent under the bellybutton pouch. oh, and my butt literally hits me on the back of my knees when i jog. and that’s about all i have to say about that. =) i picked up a pair of animal print shorts at the loft sale. i REALLY REALLY wanted the yellow/khaki/black dropwaist dress but the bottom of the dress would have to have been tailored so i thought i would take my chances and see if i can’t get one at an even bigger sale price. fingers crossed.

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

    • Hahahaha, dying! I’m having such a bad image of my butt hitting the back of my knees but I AM SO JEALOUS THAT YOU CAN STILL RUN! I miss it, knee-butting and all. :(

  • Chloe, was the black Zara peplum jacket a recent purchase? I clicked the link but they don’t have any sizes. I love this jacket and am obsessed with finding it. If it’s recent then I’ll call around to see if I can find it in stores.

    • Hi Niki! It was a recent purchase, and I’m hoping they’ll do a re-stock. I know they already have re-stocked it once online! Keep checking that link and hopefully it’ll pop back up–Zara is pretty great at restocking sold out items…♥

  • Keilexandra

    Thanks so much for the review, Chloe! I managed to make it to my local LOFT today and tried on the Berry Blue in a size down from my usual (the only pair left in either color and either of my two sizes). Are your pants tucked up in the flats photos, too? I found that 29″ was just 1/2 inch too long for me (I have really short legs, too). I decided to pass on the pants because I prefer a lower rise–I had a bit of muffin-topping because my torso length is all apple belly below a high waist–and my lifestyle doesn’t support dry-cleaning pants. They were definitely very stretchy and comfy, though! (Also very purple, to my eye, not blue.)

    • No problem, anytime! My pants are untucked in the photos of them with my flats, but they’re kind of scrunched up on the bottom so it’s a little hard to tell. And I agree, I’m not exactly sure how they settled on calling them “berry blue”–they’re definitely purple to me, too! ♥

  • carol_prettythings

    Wow, you’re all kinds of amazing in this post, Chloe! I love that top on you. And while I’m pretty certain that I lack the fierce-and-fab factor required to pull it off myself, I have to say you half make me want to run out and look for it. :) Thanks for all these. They’re beautiful!

  • Oh I kind of want those pants now. I really like the zipper in the pockets, such a lovely touch. Believe or not, I do not have much in plum in my wardrobe but I think it is such a versatile color. I might have to change that soon.

  • I’m lovin’ all these gorgeous jackets, Chloe! My recent .gif (lastest post) is inspired by you, lol! ;-)

  • I shopped yesterday and got the cropped mustard yellow jeans and a b&w polka dot tank. I have my own pants-finding problems (I think everyone does regardless of circumference) and I’ve found that LOFT jeans fit me pretty well. Good finds!

    Sarah’s Real Life

    • Thanks Sarah! And I agree–I’ve yet to find someone that says, “Oh boy, pants! I love shopping for them ‘cuz they all fit me so well!” Hahaha, I think if I ever DID hear someone say that, I’d absolutely croak. :|

      I really like the cropped mustard yellow jeans (and oh, that tank too), can’t wait to see how you wear them!

  • beautygirl24

    You look amazing! I love everything you have shown here. You are honestly the best Fall/Winter dresser around! I haven’t been to LOFT in quite some time. The only thing that really strikes my fancy from their Fall line is the dobby striped trench! It’s sold out in my petite size, but am willing to pay full price if it ever pops back up! I do have a question about it though Chloe…I am typically a size xs or s, but my arms are getting a little chubby! What’s the arm room in that trench like?

    • Thanks girlie! It’s Colorado and the whole Sure-It’s-90-Right-Now-But-It-Could-Be-20-Degrees-Butt-Cold-And-Snowing-By-Noon thing, we need lots of layers almost year round here. Blah. I think the arm room in the trench is really good–I also have arms that are a little chubby on top (and broad shoulders from when I used to heavily weight train) and it fits really well in that area for me. I hope you can track it down! ♥

  • I already ordered a dress + sweater online, but now I’m wishing I had known about those pants…I would love to try a pair in black and since I’m pear-shaped, I wonder how the fit would be? May just have to order them & find out…thanks for the great review! :)

    • No problem Kim! I think they’d work well on you–they’re just a really nice fitting pant and I’m wholly convinced that the fabric is a little bit magical. What dress & sweater did ya get? ♥

  • Hey Chloe! Thanks for the reviews. Glad these items worked for you. I especially love the skirt with that snake top!

    Your review of the pants has me excited for my order. I got the marisa ankle pants in doubleweave cotton. I was able to snag the berry blue color in that style, but my size in petites was sold out, so I am trying the regular length. I really hope they fit me because the color is so gorgeous!

    Also ordered the zoe straight leg pants, trying out the ballet flats, and a work top.

    • HI MICHELLE! Yay! Long time no see, hope all is well with you! The “berry blue” color is really pretty, I agree. LOFT definitely made a good choice with it–it’s bold without being too in your face, and really (surprisingly) wearable. I have been meaning to try the zoe straight leg pants, and if you get the chance I would love to know how you like them. ♥

  • love the colours, the plum is awesome. I am liking it best without the jacket, both are statement pieces in itself!!

    Ure looking great :)


  • Daisy Nguyen

    OH WOW. LOVE everything. You have a lovely shape – not boyish at all! My faves of your outfits though – the python & mint – LOVE. Oh, and there’s the beautiful leather peplum – gives the outfit a very good edge to it and LOVE the Chloe bag. And FAVE FAVE FAVE, is the brown leather jacket! Love the ombre tips on the sleeves and bottom. SO PERFECT! Love your blog.

    XOXO-Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:http://psbananas.comBLOGLOVINFACEBOOK

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