The (Chloe) Conspiracy: FAQ’s

Blog (technical) questions:

  • I need sizing help with an item that you are wearing–how tall are you? What are your measurements? How much do you weigh? I’m 5’2″ (5’3″ on a good day!) and fluctuate between 110 and 115 lbs. I’m an apple shape, meaning I store any extra weight in my midsection (while having nothing in the bust/butt area). I typically wear a size 0 in j crew petite tops and a size 2/4 or 26/27 inches in j crew petite bottoms (unless they are skirts–then a size 0).



  • How do you take your own pictures? A really bad tripod (purchased for $30 at Target) and a wireless remote.


  • What do you use for your photos?  I am currently shooting with a Canon 5D Mark II.



  • I really like an item that you are wearing, but I can’t find any link to it in your post. Why is this? If the item is still available for purchase, I will ALWAYS post a direct link for it! But unfortunately, I mix and match a lot of old items with the new, and sometimes the items that I wear are no longer available for purchase. I do often list similar items, though, so there are always a few options to try to recreate the look.
  • Who designed your blog? Who makes your graphics? Almost everything you see on this blog as far as graphics, images, and photos go have been either designed by me, or taken by me, or re-worked by me. I’ve always been a bit of a tech & computer dweeb! My original layout (template) is courtesy of Sneek Digital.


  • I only want to receive RSS updates for certain posts, how do I do this?As of right now, there are three options for subscribing and receiving ‘custom’ updates for this blog:
      • Outfit Of The Day posts only – this option is great if you just want to look at the pretty pictures & nothing else.
      • See Chloe Shop posts only – not into the fashion but love the sales and deals? This option is for you!
      • Receive ALL blog updates – for those of you that don’t want to miss a thing, subscribe via this standard subscription method to receive all posts and updates made on this blog in the RSS reader of you choice.



Home questions:

  • I like your chandelier, where is it from? Another Z Gallerie purchase, and you can find it right here.


  • I like your couch, where is it from? Z Gallerie! It’s a style that is no longer available, but you can find a similar option by them here.


Colorado questions:

  • Colorado isn’t exactly the fashion capital of the world…so how did you get into fashion?  Do you work in fashion?  Where do you wear your outfits? Colorado isn’t the fashion capital of the world, but we still do have our own fun style happening here. I love Colorado because no matter where I go I am almost never over-dressed OR under-dressed. Coloradans are best known for being casual, but many do like to get dressy from time to time and there is a wide variety of style and outfits no matter where you wander in this colorful state. One of the many reasons that I started this blog was to prove that just because you don’t live in NYC or LA doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun with fashion AND enjoy wearing it!  If you want a great blog that dabbles more heavily in chic professional office wear, hop over and visit Anh at 9 to 5 Chic!  She definitely does it best. ♥


  • I’m visiting Denver soon! Where are your favorite places to eat and hang?  For dining, Edge Steakhouse in the Four Seasons is my current favorite–they do creative spins on steakhouse staples and while everything there is good, their caprese salad and chocolate martinis are divine! I also enjoy Linger (a “best new restaurant” winner with an excellent rooftop bar and eclectic, globally-inspired small plates like sesame bbq tacos & lemongrass cotton candy),  Carmine’s on Penn (it’s family-style, so a little pricey but you get a TON of food to share and/or take home), the Corner Office Restaurant + Martini Bar (great food, great scene), the Cherry Cricket (loud with a fiercely rowdy feel; their chickie sandwiches will knock your socks off!), D Bar Desserts (it’s insane – and they are open late on Fridays and Saturdays!), and the Rialto Cafe. For shopping I recommend the Cherry Creek area- it’s my favorite, and there are a bunch of really fun, locally owned boutiques (called Cherry Creek North) outside of the mall that are worth checking out! Another great place is off Broadway (tons of boutiques, vintage stores, and more), and if you have a little bit of extra time on your hands, check out Boulder- a visit to Pearl Street is always more than worth it, since there are tons of cute boutiques, good restaurants, and free entertainment. And if you really have a lot of time on your hands, check out our local music scene– and if it’s summer, a concert at Red Rocks.



& in everything else:

  • I like your make-up.  What do you use? You can find everything that’s currently taking up room in my make-up bag right here.


  • Do you ever receive anything for “free” to review on your blog? Occasionally. I started this blog to write and share the things I love with others; it is also one of my core beliefs to be veracious and transparent with anything I buy, discuss, wear, or write about. I will always fully disclose any items I receive for free from retailers or companies or sponsors (as “gifted or c/o”); it should also be noted that just because I receive something for free doesn’t mean I’ll give it a favorable review.  Like most fashion blogs, I  do also  use affiliate linking for which I may receive compensation (like a sales associate making a commission) but it will never impact the content and opinions I choose to write and share about on my blog–it simply off-sets the amount of time I send putting into this blog and See Chloe Shop.


  • Do you have a Facebook page?  Yes, I (finally) do have a Facebook page!  You can find it right here.


  • How can I work with you, advertise on your blog, and/or be a sponsor of your blog? Please throw me an email!


  • I have a question about what you wear on your blog, what is the best way for me to contact you? If it’s an easy question (for example – the size, fit, or availability of something that I’m wearing), the best way to get my attention for a quick answer is on twitter!  You can find me at @chloeguacamole.  And please be patient when sending an e-mail to me- I always try to answer everyone’s comments, questions, and emails as quickly as I can, but I receive a healthy amount daily and am only one little person.
Chloe, Colorful Colorado.
5'2" on a good day. 30's. A wearer of many hats. Likes fashion, good music, anything cinnamon flavored & pretty, pretty shoes. Loves her two chihuahuas, tickle fights with her husband, traveling, digging around on the internet for fun finds, Colorado, and always lugging around a camera or two...(more)


The (Chloe) Conspiracy


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