Outfit Of The Day (Never So Big, Never So Tall; Never So Big When You Are Small)

And another study on petite proportions.
I’ve mentioned on here precisely 07q878q47q32984271891 times that I have a pretty weird body.  I make no bones (hardy-woo-ha!) about it, even if my self-deprication only serves as a thin-and-rather-obvious veil to shroud my insecurities. I have a long torso! I have the shortest legs ever!  My head is huge!  One day I saw in my trackbacks that someone was talking about me on a German forum dedicated to gloves! And I had no idea what they were talking about since it was in German! But I’m going to guess it was probably really weird because it was a german forum dedicated to gloves! Nothing normal ever comes out of somethin’ like that, right? Right.

I wore the outfit below for a lovely night out furniture shopping (hence the flats) and stuffing my face at The Cherry Cricket + D Bar Desserts. Good times!
Once I took a look at the OOTD pictures after the fact, however, I then spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out how my camera somehow morphed me into an Oompa Loompa. My torso–so long!  My legs–so short!

When I (obnoxiously) asked my homies that were with me that night if I looked that distorted in person, they all replied no. No Chloe, they said, you did not look like you had a bad wrestling accident with a cheap carnival fun house mirror. Every single one of them said it; they all denied it. I have such good, honest-to-god-lying friends–the best type of friends to have.

But oh well. In spite of my obvious need to find some high-waisted denim skinnies ASAP, I still really like this outfit and will probably wear it again. The GAP jeggings are ridiculously comfy, and sometimes I just get tired of paying attention and following rules when dressing myself. Sometimes I just want to embrace my body and all of its goofball proportions, and not think so hard about it, and I suppose that the outfit below is a great example of doing just that.

Also, rusty-orangey-red has always been one of my favorite colors for fall. It’s popping up everywhere this year, and so I am happily collecting everything I can find in this hue. This J Crew blouse is a great example, and it goes quite well with the shop-vac in the background (if I do say so myself):

Blouse: J Crew Silk Lucinda Blouse (buy it here!) (similar style here) (and a pretty style from Vince)
Belt: J Crew (similar style here, on sale)
Jeans: GAP Gummy Jeggings (buy them here + take 30% off with code “GAPFALL”) (similar style here at Old Navy) (and here for $30)
Necklace: Topshop (buy it here) and J Crew Biseau Necklace (buy it here)
Ring: ALDO (similar style here)
Flats: Miu Miu (similar style here by Vera Wang) (and here + take 20% off with code “SEPEVENT”) (and here at DSW) (and here on sale for $40.70)

Next up we have a bit of the opposite. I have been slightly obsessed with the Pilcro Superscript flares over the past few months, even going as far as to try them on every single time I found an Anthropologie. I tried them on in Denver! I tried them on in Minneapolis! I tried them on in Denver again!  And again!  And again!
I finally gave into the temptation a few weeks ago after my 100th time of trying them on. I have been boo-hissing Anthropologie most of this year due to their suddenly strange inventory (I am not paying $500 for a blanket of a coat that runs XS-S-M-L, thanks) but….oh these flares. They are fun and ridiculously comfy, with a good amount of stretch to keep them snug but cozy, too. They are totally worth having to break my Anthropologie ban.
The only problem? My inseam hovers between 29 to 30 inches; in the pictures below I am teetering around in 4.5″ heels and I still need to get them hemmed up a bit a lot. I snapped these pictures right before I sent them in to the tailors and until I get them back, I promise that I have feet. You’ll just have to trust me here, guys:

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