(Travel) A Quick Birthday Trip: New Orleans

“America has only three cities: New York, San Fransisco, and New Orleans. Everywhere else is Cleveland.” – Tennessee Williams

Husband surprised me with a trip again this year for my birthday, so two weeks ago we packed our bags and set out for New Orleans. Neither of us had been before (I have never even been to “the south” unless you count standing in a sad, soggy puddle at Port Canaveral some four years ago, waiting to board a cruise) (and I have a feeling you dooon’t!), so I was really excited to explore a new city, and as one may also assert–a new way of life.

It was a quick trip, but we managed to pack a lot in. We stayed at the Dauphine Orleans Hotel, a very neat boutique hotel that sits one block over from Bourbon street, and our room was located with fourteen others in the Hermann House Courtyard. Aside from faintly hearing the jazz band at a neighboring restaurant nightly around 5pm, it was quiet, peaceful and serene–loved it.

We did a riverboat tour up the Mississippi, had the best meal ever at the Camellia Grill, caught Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros at the Mahalia Jackson Theater, had the second best meal ever at Restaurant R’Evolution, had drinks & listened to jazz at Irving Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse, did a little shopping, and explored the town. While I didn’t bring my camera along to everything that we did, here are a few pictures that I snapped when I did lug it along with:


a shot of the french quarter via steamboat; cafe du monde & the st. louis cathedral.

…also known as: the disney princess that no one wanted?

…going up.

…for somebody’s safety.

a jazz band playing inside the riverboat.

two complete strangers dancing with one another to “the entertainer” (maple leaf rag).


…aw, they sure got friendly fast.

…and THE END!

drip, drip, drop.

…I wanted to steal this door, but you know. Wouldn’t fit in the luggage, etc.

…fun little details.

…who needs a guard chihuahua when you have flesh-eating guard spikes?

…more details.

…the hotel dauphine (both sides of the street).

…horse hitches lining the sidewalk out front of the hotel.

…I tried (and failed) to get a stealthy shot of her whole outfit–she was super fabulous with a big white puff of hair on top of her head. Love.


…time for some beignets.

…with, plop, a side of chocolate milk.

…and the aftermath.

…(proof that I was on this vacation, too)

…butterflies in a garden behind St. Louis Cathedral.

…start shrieking at butterflies to ‘HEY FUCKER HOLD STILL’ and suddenly no one wants to stand anyyywhere near you?

…st. louis cathedral, looking like a cathedral. 

…a trombone player (playfully!) scaring a little girl.

…shadows & light.

…outside of our room at hotel dauphine.

…looking down into the hermann house courtyard from our room.

…our luxurious lap pool.


…peeking into store windows late at night.

(top: edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros; bottom: quick instagram snaps


All in all, we had an absolutely great time. That food! That music! We are already planning our next trip back, especially to hit up some of the museums that we missed, do some shopping at the vintage/antique shops on Royal Street, perhaps see a cemetery tour, and to stuff ourselves silly with more food. So good. Thanks for showing us such a great time, New Orleans! Much love, much love.