Fall 2015 Style Guide: Mad For Plaid

With every new season comes a new trendy print, and plaid is definitely the pattern du jour for Fall & Winter 2015! Whether it’s gridded, squared, tartan’ed, buffalo’ed or checked–read on for 47 very versatile pieces in the most-wanted print of the season…



1. Premium Frayed Boucle Jacket (click to shop it!) 2. Merona Plaid Tailored Blazer (click to shop it!) 3. Merona Plaid Tailored Blazer (click to shop it!) 4. Merona Plaid Tailored Blazer (click to shop it!) 5. Tartan Plaid Coat (click to shop it!) 6. Latitude Shirtdress in Alma Plaid (click to shop it!) 7. Mount Plaid Duffle Coat (click to shop it!) 8. Warehouse Checked Cape (click to shop it!) 9. Tory Burch  Kira Tweed Clutch (click to shop it!) 10. Factory Pleated Plaid Popover Shirt (click to shop it!) 11. Sequin Plaid Top (click to shop it!) 12. Woodland Check Bow Coat (click to shop it!) 13. Plaid Frost Free Vest (click to shop it!) 14. Sequin Windowpane Scarf (click to shop it!) 15. V Fraas Gauzy Plaid Scarf (click to shop it!) 16. KATE SPADE NEW YORK Maise Plaid Dome Satchel (click to shop it!) 17. Plaid Blanket Scarf (click to shop it!) 18. Kerrington Mini Square Tote (click to shop it!) 19. Tamera Calf Hair Plaid Heel (click to shop it!) 20. Plaid Baseball Hat (click to shop it!) 21. Alpaca Coat (click to shop it!) 22. Willow Plaid Blanket Scarf - Black/Cream (click to shop it!) 23. kate spade new york Women's Willa Ballet Flat (click to shop it!) 24. Buffalo Plaid Rain Boots (click to shop it!) 25. Factory Plaid Kitten Heels (click to shop it!) 26. Factory Plaid Amelia Flats (click to shop it!) 27. French Connection Cornelia Plaid Heels (click to shop them!) 28. Plaid Banded Loafers (click to shop!) 29. Helena Cape (click to shop it!) 30. British Tweed Kilt (click to shop it!) 31. Heritage Check Coatigan (click to shop it!) 32. Berry Plaid Columnist Ankle Pant (click to shop it!) 33. Treasure&Bond Popover Plaid Shirtdress (click to shop it!) 34. Double Windowpane Plaid Editor Ankle Pant (click to shop it!) 35. Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Fancy Check Mohair Vest / Cape (click to shop it!) 36. Wool Slip On Sneakers (click to shop them!) 37. Draped Plaid Buttondown (click to shop it!) 38. Tory Burch Plaid Wool Coat (click to shop it!) 39. Quartier Plaid Scarf (click to shop it!) 40. Faribault Center Plaid Wool Throw (click to shop it!) 41. ASOS Geo Shimmer Paneled Shift Mini Dress (click to shop it!) 42. Tweed Moto Texting Glove (click to shop it!) 43. Plaid Three-Button Tailored Coat (click to shop it!) 44. Plaid Vee Pullover (click to shop it!) 45. Elle Wool-Blend Coat (click to shop it!) 46. Cedar Falls Cape Cardigan (click to shop it!) 47. Soft-Wash Open Plaid Shirt (click to shop it!)

1. Frayed Boucle Premium Jacket  2. Merona Plaid Tailored Blazer  3. Merona Plaid Tailored Blazer 4. Merona Plaid Tailored Blazer  5. Tartan Plaid Coat  6. Latitude Shirtdress in Alma Plaid  7. Mount Plaid Duffle Coat  8. Warehouse Checked Cape  9. Tory Burch  Kira Tweed Clutch  10. Factory Pleated Plaid Popover Shirt  11. Sequin Plaid Top  12. Woodland Check Bow Coat  13. Plaid Frost Free Vest  14. Sequin Windowpane Scarf  15. V Fraas Gauzy Plaid Scarf  16. Maise Plaid Dome Satchel   17. Plaid Blanket Scarf  18. Kerrington Mini Square Tote  19. Tamera Calf Hair Plaid Heel   20. Plaid Baseball Hat  21. Alpaca Coat  22. Willow Plaid Blanket Scarf – Black/Cream  23. Willa Ballet Flat  24. Western Chief Buffalo Plaid Rain Boots  25. Factory Plaid Kitten Heels  26. Factory Plaid Amelia Flats   27. French Connection Cornelia Plaid Heels  28. Plaid Banded Loafers  29. Helena Cape  30. British Tweed Kilt  31. Heritage Check Coatigan  32. Berry Plaid Columnist Ankle Pant  33. Treasure&Bond Popover Plaid Shirtdress  34. Double Windowpane Plaid Editor Ankle Pant   35. Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Fancy Check Mohair Vest / Cape  36. Wool Slip On Sneakers  37. Draped Plaid Buttondown  38. Tory Burch Plaid Wool Coat   39. Quartier Plaid Scarf  40. Faribault Center Plaid Wool Throw  41. ASOS Geo Shimmer Paneled Shift Mini Dress  42. Tweed Moto Texting Glove  43. Plaid Three-Button Tailored Coat  44. Plaid Vee Pullover  45. Elle Wool-Blend Coat  46. Cedar Falls Cape Cardigan  47. Soft-Wash Open Plaid Shirt



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