Beauty Talk: My Tips For Soft & Glossy Lips (Part One)

Living in Colorado I know dry weather. I will never forget the first few months after I moved here back in 2003–I moved from Sioux Falls (average daily humidity: 69%) to Denver (average daily humidity: 52%) in January of 2003, and oof. It was several months of nonstop staticky hair, cracked cuticles, and dry, painful lips.

The staticky hair eventually went away and my cuticles eventually healed, but one thing has remained constant since: those incredibly dry lips. Especially in the winter time. And it isn’t really something you think about until it happens and you can’t get it to go away. I revel in the carefree, chapped-free days of my youth, those days where I could go days (weeks!) without applying anything to my lips. If you have ever dealt with chapped lips you likely know exactly what I mean–dry lips are ugly, dry lips are painful, and dry lips can be impossible to treat once the cycle of chapped-ness starts.

Nearly a decade later my husband and I are still constantly trying all sorts of things to keep our lips soft and moisturized. While some minor lifestyle modifications have helped (drinking lots of water, taking Omega-3 supplements daily, and using humidifiers have all helped immensely!), the best way to treat chapped lips is to prevent them in the first place.

And my favorite way to do it is with an oldie but a goodie: Vaseline Jelly.

Vaseline Jelly has been around since the late 1800’s and has lots of uses (did you know it can prevent scars, be used as mascara, and might even help lashes to grow thicker and longer?) but my favorite way to use it is on my lips. And I’m excited to share that Vaseline has recently introduced four new Lip Therapy Tins specifically created to help prevent & treat chapped lips! These tins have been available in the UK for some time and are now finally available stateside in four varieties: original, aloe, rosy, and cocoa butter. They can be found in most drugstores, stow easily into handbags and pockets, and (best yet!) clock in under $5 apiece. Please stay tuned for part two, where both my husband and I try them out in the happy-yet-harsh Colorado climate that we call home.

And in the meanwhile, check out this quick video + for more information:





A big thanks to Vaseline for sponsoring this post.