J Crew: Shop Hundreds of New Spring Collection Arrivals (+ Take 20% Off On Select Styles & Get Free Shipping On *All* Orders, Too!)

J Crew has updated bright and early with hundreds of spring collection new arrivals, and today only shoppers can shop the entire collection, take 20% off on select styles, and get free shipping on all orders too–no minimum purchase required! Full details, codes, and a few quick picks to check out at this sale are all below…



THE DEAL: Take 20% off on select tops & pants. Eligible items will be marked! Shop the entire sale here. | code: MUSTHAVES

THE DEAL: And get free shipping on all orders, no minimum purchase required. See site for full details.



jcrew.com (click to shop entire sale!) 1. Embellished Cotton Jackie Cardigan Sweater (click to shop!) 2. Striped V-Neck Sweater in Summerweight Cotton (click to shop!) 3. Italian Cashmere Button-Back Sweater (click to shop!) 4. Peacoat in Heavyweight Cotton Twill (click to shop!) 5. Lightweight Wool Bow Sweater (click to shop!) 6. Argyle Sweater in Summerweight Cotton (click to shop!) 7. Chambray Regent Blazer with Ruffle Trim (click to shop!) 8. Maddie Pant in Bi-Stretch Cotton (click to shop!) 9. Scalloped Skirt in Denim Chambray (click to shop!) 10. Pop Stripe Dress (click to shop!) 11. New Linen T-Shirt in Metallic (click to shop!) 12. Linen Short with Ruffle Trim (click to shop!) 13. Striped Sailor Pant  (click to shop!) 14. Pop Stripe Skirt  (click to shop!) 15. Long Spaghetti-Strap Dress in Gingham (click to shop!) 16. Metallic Pointed Toe Loafers (click to shop!) 17. Striped Off-The-Shoulder Dress (click to shop!) 18. Regent Blazer in Linen (click to shop!) thechloeconspiracy.com: J Crew Regent Blazer Review (opens in a new window!) 19. Collection Lady Jacket in English Tweed (click to shop!) 20. Billie Demi-Boot Crop Jean in Collinson Wash (click to shop!) 21. Edit Bag  (click to shop!) 22. Long-Sleeve Off-The-Shoulder Top (click to shop!) 23. Lace-Up Suede Sandals (click to shop!) 24. Ruffle-Hem Spaghetti-Strap Dress in Eyelet (click to shop!) 25. Jackie Tie-Neck Cardigan Sweater in Stripes (click to shop!) 26. Bouquet Drop Earrings (click to shop!) 27. Tippi Sweater with Tortoise Critter (click to shop!)

top picks to check out at this sale:

1. Embellished Cotton Jackie Cardigan Sweater  2. Striped V-Neck Sweater in Summerweight Cotton  3. Italian Cashmere Button-Back Sweater  4. Peacoat in Heavyweight Cotton Twill  5. Lightweight Wool Bow Sweater  6. Argyle Sweater in Summerweight Cotton  7. Chambray Regent Blazer with Ruffle Trim  8. Maddie Pant in Bi-Stretch Cotton  9. Scalloped Skirt in Denim Chambray  10. Pop Stripe Dress  11. New Linen T-Shirt in Metallic  12. Linen Short with Ruffle Trim  13. Striped Sailor Pant   14. Pop Stripe Skirt  15. Long Spaghetti-Strap Dress in Gingham  16. Metallic Pointed Toe Loafers  17. Striped Off-The-Shoulder Dress  18. Regent Blazer in Linen  19. Collection Lady Jacket in English Tweed  20. Billie Demi-Boot Crop Jean in Collinson Wash  21. Edit Bag  22. Long-Sleeve Off-The-Shoulder Top  23. Lace-Up Suede Sandals   24. Ruffle-Hem Spaghetti-Strap Dress in Eyelet  25. Jackie Tie-Neck Cardigan Sweater in Stripes  26. Bouquet Drop Earrings  27. Tippi Sweater with Tortoise Critter




*Some items may be excluded; see site for full details. This offer ends 11:59pm EST on 2/14–happy shopping!